PS5 system update just added Discord and a bunch of features — here’s what’s new

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The latest PS5 system update is now rolling out globally as confirmed via the PlayStation Blog and this new hardware patch brings with it a host of fresh features and appreciated improvements to the user experience on Sony’s flagship gaming console. 

Here's everything that's new with the PS5 system update.

Finally, PS5 gets Discord integration

The biggest new addition is definitely Discord integration. This one has been a long time coming, and it's great that it's finally arrived. Previously PS5 users could link their PSN account to Discord, but this only offered a limited set of features primarily focused on sharing what you are playing rather than communicating with other users. 

However, after installing this new console update, you will be able to directly join a Discord voice chat from a PS5 console. This even allows you to communicate with friends who are playing on other gaming platforms such as Xbox Series X. If you need help setting up a voice chat, Sony has put together a helpful guide on using Discord on PS5, or you can watch the jaunty video below. 

DualSense upgrade

Discord integration is far from the only thing this update brings. There is a slew of further tweaks and new features in this update, but the one that personally excites me the most is the ability to update DualSense controllers wirelessly. No longer will you turn on your PS5 console and see the dreaded “your controller needs an update” notification and be forced to plug your pad in via a USB-C cable. 

PS5 gets better save data migration

The console’s save data migration features have also been improved in this update. When you download a PS4 game you will now be notified if you have any pre-existing save data in your PlayStation Plus cloud storage. The same will happens if you download a PS5 game that supports cross-save with the PS4 version. Plus, data transfer between two PS5s consoles can now be performed either via Wi-Fi or a LAN cable. This could be handy in the future if the much-rumored PS5 Pro ever becomes a reality. 

Variable Refresh Rate support for 1440p displays

The update also includes variable refresh rate support for 1440p displays, as well as improvements to the PS5’s Game Library, the ability to start or request a share screen request from a friend’s profile and the option to manually upload game captures to the PlayStation App.

New PS5 voice command features

Finally, exclusively for beta users in the U.S. and U.K., the new PS5 system update brings in new voice command features that will allow you to capture gameplay just by saying the phrases such as  “Hey PlayStation, capture that” or “hey PlayStation, start recording”. Of course, considering that the DualSense controller already has a dedicated capture button, this feature seems a little redundant, but more options are always appreciated. 

As noted, the latest PS5 system update is rolling out globally starting today (Wednesday, March 8). Just boot up your console, and it should automatically begin downloading. Once the download is complete, just click “install update” and you’ll have access to all the new features detailed above. 

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