Give your PS5 a retro look with this three-minute modification — here’s how

Give your PS5 a retro look with this three-minute modification
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The PS5 has a pretty futuristic aesthetic. This isn’t a bad thing — I've come to really appreciate its distinctive appearance and black/white color scheme. However, I wish the console had a few subtle nods to its predecessors. 

That’s where this simple PS5 modification comes in. It’s surfaced a few times online since the console launched in November 2020 and has most recently been doing the rounds over on Reddit

This awesome modification turns the PlayStation logo on the top corner of the console from a blog standard black into the iconic red, yellow, green and blue logo that adorned the PS1, PS2 and (original) PS3 consoles. It’s a subtle change, but gives the PS5 a nifty little tribute to PlayStation’s glorious past.

PS5 console with original PlayStation logo decal

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Even better — this modification is extremely simple to perform. It takes literally minutes from start to finish, doesn’t require any specialist tools and can be reversed in seconds without leaving any traces behind (in case you want to revert the console back to its original look). 

Below you’ll find all the steps you need to give your console a retro makeover in our easy-to-follow walkthrough. 

How to give your PS5 a retro look 

1. Firstly, you will need to download the PlayStation logo decal. Here’s a PDF of the decal (courtesy of /u/YallGotCheesePuffs on Reddit). 

2. Print the PlayStation logo decal. For the best possible finish, we recommend using art paper, and of course, it wouldn't hurt to have one of the best photo printers. Next, cut around the logo with a pair of scissors.

PS5 logo decay on a table

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3. Remove the top PS5 faceplate. If you’re unsure how to do this, PlayStation Access has a handy video guide that will help. 

PS5 console on a table with faceplate removed

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4. Place the decal in the PlayStation logo indent located to the left of the PS5 fan in the top corner.  

PS5 console with faceplate removed

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5. Slide the PS5 faceplate back into place, being very careful that the decal doesn’t become dislodged. Now all that’s left is to admire your fine work.  

PS5 console with original PlayStation logo decal

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