Official PS5 covers are finally coming — here’s where to buy them

Sony PS5 covers color options
(Image credit: Sony)

The look of PS5 has been pretty divisive ever since the console was first unveiled. Some have taken to its distinctive mix of black and white plastic, while others have labeled it an ugly monstrosity that looks odd in just about any entertainment setup. 

The good news is that Sony is finally allowing owners to customize their console with official PS5 covers (announced via PlayStation Blog). Available for either the PS5 Disc or PS5 Digital console these swappable faceplates will cost $54 each and come in five colors: Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple.

The Midnight Black and Cosmic Red plates will be released first in January 2022 and can already be pre-ordered via Sony Direct

PS5 Console Cover (Midnight Black): $54 @ Sony Direct

PS5 Console Cover (Midnight Black): $54 @ Sony Direct
Turn your PS5 console is a slick all-black machine, with this PS5 cover in the Midnight Black color scheme. The faceplates will cost $54 via Sony Direct and are set to launch in January 2022. 

PS5 Console Cover (Cosmic Red): $54 @ Sony Direct

PS5 Console Cover (Cosmic Red): $54 @ Sony Direct
This deep red PS5 console cover is the ideal companion to a DualSense Cosmic Red controller. These faceplates are available to pre order for $54 at Sony Direct, with a January 2022 release date. 

These PS5 covers are designed to match up with the various models of DualSense controllers. The Midnight Black and Cosmic Red controllers were already released over the summer, while the Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple colorways are set to launch alongside their corresponding PS5 covers in the first half of 2022. 

PS5 DualSense controllers in Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple

(Image credit: Sony)

While it’s taken Sony more than a year since the PS5’s launch to finally announce its own console covers, third-party manufacturers were much quicker off the mark. Sony clearly didn’t appreciate these unlicensed covers springing up all over the internet. Dbrand, a popular producer of unofficial PS5 covers, was recently forced to redesign its plates after being threatened with legal action by Sony. That said, we still think dbrand already makes the PS5 faceplate Sony should have released.

PS5 owners have demanded official face covers for a while, so it’s likely that these will be fairly popular. Although, we don’t expect them to be as hard to track down as PS5 restock itself. Nevertheless, if you want to give your PS5 console a flashy makeover we advise getting a set of covers pre-ordered to avoid disappointment. 

Don't worry too much about stock issues making these a pain to buy long-term though. These PS5 covers are just molded plastic so shouldn’t face significant production delays or manufacturing challenges. In theory, Sony should be able to replenish stock fairly quickly. 

In the meantime, if it's the interface of the PS5 you'd like to tweak, there's an easy trick for giving the PS5 a retro look by turning the black PlayStation logo on the screen into the iconic red, yellow, green and blue logo of earlier consoles.

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