How to preorder DualSense Edge PS5 controller

A photo with a Sony DualSense Edge from the front and a second DualSense Edge from the back.
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The DualSense Edge is PS5's answer to the Xbox Elite controller, and it’s designed to take your PlayStation gaming up a level. This is the first premium PS5 pad created by Sony, and the gaming giant is promising the controller was built with "high performance and personalization in mind." 

After being teased earlier this year Sony just confirmed DualSense Edge PS5 controller preorder details via the PlayStation Blog. The DualSense Edge will launch on January 26 and retail for $199/£209. It will be available exclusively at Sony Direct for its first month of sale. In addition to the controller, there will also be a replaceable stick modules pack released on the same day that will cost $19/£19. 

If the recent interest in the God of War Ragnarok PS5 controller is any indication, we expect the passionate PlayStation community to quickly snap up DualSense Edge preorders when they go live on Tuesday, October 25. Could we be set for another PS5 restock situation? Fingers crossed Sony is prepared to met the demand with plenty of supply as we anticipate this PS5 accessory will be popular. 

Whatever the launch stock levels we'll be here to help you get your hands on this new premium PS5 pad without having to resort to paying an inflated fee on the resale market. So, let's get to it, here's all the details needed to preorder the DualSense Edge PS5 controller. 

Where to preorder DualSense Edge PS5 controller

Sony has confirmed that DualSense Edge PS5 controller preorders will go live on Tuesday, October 25 at PlayStation Direct. The controller will be exclusive to Sony’s retail arm until February 23 so we’re not expecting additional retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy to start taking preorders on the same date. The replaceable stick modules set will also be available to preorder on October 25.  

DualSense Edge: $199 @ PlayStation Direct

DualSense Edge: $199 @ PlayStation Direct
Sony has confirmed it will begin taking preorders of the DualSense Edge PS5 controller on Tuesday, October 25. The pad is set to release in January 2023 and will retail for $199. There is no listing page live yet but we expect it to appear ahead of the preorder period. 

What is DualSense Edge PS5 controller?  

The DualSense Edge is the "first-ever ultra-customizable controller developed by PlayStation." It features a range of hardware and software personalization options, including full button remapping, the ability to tune the sensitivity of the sticks and triggers and the option to swap between multiple control profiles on the fly. 

It also sports two changeable sets of back buttons (that are completely customizable) and three sets of stick caps (standard, high dome and low dome). It can be recharged via a supplied braided USB-C cable and even comes with a carrying case for convenient storage. Plus, it packs all the signature features of the regular DualSense controller including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

It will release on January 26 and will retail for $199/£209. That is quite a significant jump from the price of the standard DualSense controller which costs around $69/£69 but has gone on sale for as low as $55 during major retail events. It's also got us speculating about the price of the PSVR 2.  

Will the new enhancements offered by the DualSense Edge justify the eyewatering price? We’ll have to wait to get our hands on the controller to find out, but right now consider our curiosity piqued.  

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