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Best Black Friday password-manager deals 2019

Password Manager Black Friday Splash
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One of the best ways to keep your data safe online is to use a password manager, which can create strong, unique passwords for all your accounts and remember them so you don't have to.

Not all of the best password managers are offering Black Friday deals, but we found a few that were. Keeper is renowned for its strong security and wide platform compatibility. RoboForm was one of the first password managers on the market and has excellent form-saving and form-saving features. Sticky Password was created by the team behind AVG antivirus software and offers a flexible, feature-rich interface. [UPDATE: The Sticky Password deal is gone.]

Black Friday password-manager deals available now

Sticky Password 1-year subscription: Was $30, now just $8.99
The oft-overlooked Sticky Password is user-friendly, very flexible, and works with a dozen browsers. Like all modern password managers, it lets you log into mobile devices with a fingerprint. [UPDATE: This deal is over, and Sticky Password is back to a still-inexpensive $30 per year.]View Deal

RoboForm 1-year subscription: Was $23.88, now $15.50
RoboForm has been around for about 20 years, starting out as a form-filling service and building from there. Its look is a little dated, but it's reliable and its longtime users swear by it.View Deal

Keeper 1-year subscription: Was $30, now just $20.99
Keeper is right up there with LastPass and Dashlane in terms of ease of use and features, and may have stronger security than either of those. It works well across all major desktop and mobile platforms and has a full-featured web interface as well.View Deal