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Hurry! Ninja Air Fryer Black Friday deal just crashed to $89

ninja air fry on a counter with the rack being removed
(Image credit: Best Buy)

Black Friday deals are happening right now, even though we’re still almost a week out from the day itself. So if you're in the market for a new air fryer, now is the time to pick one up and save yourself some cash.

Right now, Best Buy has knocked the price of the Ninja Air Fryer down to $89 (opens in new tab). That’s $30 off the usual $119 price, meaning you could enjoy lovely crispy food, minus most of the fat of normal frying, at a discount.

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Ninja Air Fryer: was $119, now $89 @ Best Buy (opens in new tab)
With a temperature range from 105-400 degrees, the Ninja Air Fryer lets you create dehydrated snacks on its multilayer drying rack or air-cook dishes with 75 percent less fat than traditional frying.

Air fryers are essentially high-powered convection ovens, cooking your food with hot air rather than oil. According to Ninja, this air fryer will let you enjoy crispy treats with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods.

This particular fryer supports temperatures from 105 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, includes a multi layer rack and a 4-quart non-stick rack that’s dishwasher-safe — so that post-cooking clean-up will be an absolute breeze. It has room for up to 2lbs of fries, too.

Ninja even threw in a dehydrate feature, which lets you transform your food into miniature chips that are perfect for snacking.

Of course if this deal doesn’t pique your interest, there are plenty of other money-saving Black Friday air fryer deals to take advantage of. Or if you’re all set in the kitchen, there are plenty more Black Friday deals on a huge range of products.

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