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Black Friday gaming deal: This 165Hz Dell curved gaming monitor is a steal

Dell S2422HG gaming monitor
(Image credit: Best Buy)

More Best Buy Black Friday deals continue to trickle in, and this new one is perfect for PC gamers on a tight budget. 

Best Buy currently has the Dell 24-inch Curved Gaming Monitor on sale for $179 (opens in new tab). That's a $70 savings over the regular retail price and one of the best early Black Friday deals we've seen. It could come in especially handy as Amazon has a load of new games on its Prime gaming service.

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Dell 24" Curved Gaming Monitor: was $249 now $179 @ Best Buy (opens in new tab)
This gaming monitor is perfect for new PC builders or those wanting a bit more performance out of esports titles for a good price. It's a VA panel, meaning it gets great black levels. Although, for some content, there may be some ghosting. Either way, this level of price-to-performance is very good.

This monitor is perfect for new PC builders or for those wanting some extra responsiveness when playing esports titles such as League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It sports a 1080p resolution with a 165Hz refresh rate. The response time is also a blazing fast 4ms. At 24" diagonally, it's decently large for most gamers. And being curved, it's easier to see menus and enemies in the periphery. 

Being a VA panel means that there are some minor drawbacks. VA panels tend to have excellent black levels, but slower pixel response time. This means that there's faint amounts of ghosting present, especially when looking at bright text scroll on a black background. The pixels can't switch between white and black quickly enough.

The alternative to this are IPS panels, which have much faster pixel response time. But the black levels are nowhere near as good. So, if you want a more cinematic feel, get a VA panel. If you want the fastest pixel response times, then go for IPS. 

There's also a panel type that's even snappier than IPS called TN. But the colors on TN panels are usually washed out and ugly. This is only for people who value speed above all else. So, maybe like fighting game or first-person shooter players playing at the top level of competition. 

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