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Best wireless earbuds for 2020

Best wireless earbuds
(Image credit: Regan Coule/Tom's Guide)

The best wireless earbuds deliver more than just freedom from wires. You should expect a comfortable fit, long battery life and crisp audio quality, whether you're listening to music, enjoying a podcast or watching Netflix.

If you're willing to splurge, you can get active noise cancelling wireless earbuds, which can help drown out the racket around you. More premium buds also offer an ambient listening mode so you can hear the world around you without taking out the earbuds.

The very best wireless earbuds also offer water- and sweat-resistance, so you can use them for working out without worrying about damage. 

After reviewing dozens of models, the best set of wireless earbuds overall is the Jabra Elite Active 75t, thanks to its customizable fit, personalized sound, and waterproof protection. The AirPods Pro is a close second with built-in noise cancellation, seamless iOS integration and sweat resistance. But there are other AirPods alternatives you should check out as well.

Based on our testing, these are the best wireless earbuds available now.

Also, make sure to bookmark this page to stay up on the latest and most popular releases, which will include upcoming launches such as the rumored AirPods Pro Lite.

The best wireless earbuds to buy now

Best wireless earbuds Jabra Elite Active 75t

(Image credit: Regan Coule/Tom's Guide)

1. Jabra Elite Active 75t

The best wireless earbuds overall

Size: 0.8 x 0.7 x 0.6 inches | Weight: 0.19 ounces (per bud) | Battery Life (Rated): 7.5 hours; 28 hours (with charging case) | Bluetooth range: 30 feet (10 meters) | Digital Assistant Support: Yes

Crisp and well-balanced audio
Sleek, waterproof design
Strong battery life
Companion app with lots of sound personalization settings
Effective passive noise cancelation
Newer features unavailable at launch

At the top of the list is Jabra’s latest release, the Elite Active 75t. This sportier alternative to the critically acclaimed Elite 75t beats the AirPods Pro in nearly every category: battery life, durability, sound, and special features just to name a few. The design is conveniently comfortable and reinforced with IP57 certification, making the buds waterproof and dust-/sweat-resistant. Music sounds clear and vibrant, plus you also have the option of personalizing audio with by manually tweaking the built-in EQ or selecting one of several presets in the Jabra Sound+ app. Passive noise cancellation might not match that of the AirPods Pro ANC performance, but is still effective at minimizing ambient noise. Lastly, you have up to 28 hours of portable juice at your disposal.

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AirPods Pro

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2. Apple AirPods Pro

Best wireless earbuds for Apple users

Size: 1.2 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches | Weight: 0.19 ounces (per bud) | Battery Life (Rated): 4.5 hours; 24 hours (with charging case) | Bluetooth range: 800 feet | Digital Assistant Support: Yes

Great active noise cancelling
Easy to use controls
Comfortable fit
Great sound
Battery life could be longer

The AirPods Pro improve on Apple's iconic wireless buds with a water-resistant design, a wide range of handy touch controls, and active noise cancelling. The AirPods Pro do a great job blocking out everyday noise with ANC on, and feature a handy Transparency Mode for when you want to be able to hear your surroundings.

Apple's high-end buds also include three pairs of swappable silicon ear tips, making it easy to find a great fit. The stems themselves are also shorter than the ones found on the original AirPods. Blend all of these premium features with clean, powerful audio that suits all genres of music, and you have the company’s best audio product to date.

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Jabra Elite 75t

(Image credit: Regan Coule/Tom's Guide)

3. Jabra Elite 75t

Versatile functionality in super-compact form

Size: 0.8 x 0.7 x 0.6 inches | Weight: 0.19 ounces (per bud) | Battery Life (Rated): 7.5 hours; 28 hours (with charging case) | Bluetooth range: 30 feet (10 meters) | Digital Assistant Support: Yes

Best-in-class charging case
Dynamic sound with customizable EQ settings
Long battery life
Passive noise cancellation 
Calls sound extremely low
Digital assistant needs work

Jabra manages to squeeze its powerful drivers, strong passive noise cancellation, and more battery life into a compact design with the Jabra Elite 75t, which is one of the best wireless earbuds and the best AirPods alternative. Listeners can expect bass-forward sound that is customizable through the Sound+ app, which also has extra presets and other unique features; Soundscapes is amazing for drowning out distractions and regaining focus. What you’ll really want the Elite 75t for is its near-perfect charging case that holds up to 20.5 hours of portable juice and takes up very little space in any pocket.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

(Image credit: Samsung)

4. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Excellent feature-laden Android buds

Size: 0.7 x 0.75 x 0.8 inches | Weight: 0.22 ounces | Battery Life (Rated): 11 hours; 22 hours (with charging case) | Bluetooth range: 120 feet (36 meters) | Digital Assistant Support: Yes

Solid overall sound
Lengthy battery life (on a single charge)
Improved call quality
Innovative wireless features
Charging cases only offers one extra charge
No aptX or multipoint functionality

Samsung’s sequel to the popular Galaxy Buds serves as the ideal pair of wireless buds for Android users. Audio performance is a highlight with dual AKG-tuned drivers pumping out crisp, neutral sound that gives instruments and vocals prominence. You get better battery life and a wider set of controls than the AirPods. The companion mobile app is also user-friendly, making it seamless to adjust the ambient-listening levels, cycle through EQ modes, and customize the touch controls. And, of course, there is the aesthetically appealing, pill-shaped charging case that supports reverse charging to juice up the buds when placed on the back of your newly purchased Samsung Galaxy S20.

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Beats Powerbeats Pro

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5. Beats by Dre Powerbeats Pro

Top-tier fitness earbuds with energetic sound

Size and Weight: 1.1 x 1 x 0.9 inches, 0.7 ounces | Battery Life (Rated): 9 hours; 24 hours (with charging case) | Bluetooth range: 33 feet (10 meters) | Digital Assistant Support: Yes

Magically seamless setup
Long battery life
Well-balanced sound
Comfortable, stable fit for running
Bulky charging case

The best wireless earbuds for working out, the Powerbeats Pro from Beats combines water- and sweat resistance, a low-profile design and signature Apple-y integration, making them a no-brainer. The Powerbeats Pro also offer longer battery life than the AirPods at up to 9 hours of listening time. If you're looking for a pair of sweat-resistant earbuds that you can wear to the gym, on the trail, on the train or at work, the Powerbeats Pro is worth the money. 

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Apple AirPods (2019)

6. Apple Airpods (2nd Gen)

Affordable AirPods with great performance

Size: 1.6 x 0.7 x 0.7 inches | Weight: 0.14 ounces | Battery Life (Rated): 5 hours; 13 hours (with charging case) | Bluetooth range: 30 feet (10 meters) | Digital Assistant Support: Yes

Fast connection on iOS devices
Hands-free Siri integration
Good audio quality
Limited controls
Lacks ambient listening mode

If you're fully committed to Apple's ecosystem and need earbuds to keep you entertained on the move, the 2nd Gen AirPods are the best wireless earbuds for the money. The near instantaneous connection speeds have gotten even faster thanks to the new W1 chip. And launching Siri is even more convenient thanks to voice activation. The audio quality hasn't improved, but call quality has. The buds still offer an 5 hours of battery life, but now comes with an optional wireless charging case. 

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Jabra Elite Active 65t

7. Jabra Elite Active 65t Wireless Earbuds

Stellar buds for working out

Size: 1.2. x 1.1 x 0.9 x inches | Weight: 0.2 ounces | Battery Life (Rated): 5 hours; 15 hours (with charging case) | Bluetooth range: 33 feet (10 meters) | Digital Assistant Support: Yes

Secure, comfy fit
Great sound customization
Quick-charge feature
Not the best control scheme
Charging case is tough to open

The Jabra Elite Active 65t are a pair of extremely comfortable earphones that are also resistant to water and dust. Using the free app, you can choose which digital assistant you want to use, as well as adjust the equalizer and call volume. The buds deliver up to 5 hours of battery life and provide clean detail and warm, lively instrumentals and vocals.

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Sony WF-1000xM3

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8. Sony WF-1000XM3 Earbuds

Best noise-cancelling wireless earbuds

Size: 5.6 x 4.7 x 2.5 inches | Weight: 0.3 ounces | Battery Life (Rated): 6 hours (NC on), 8 hours (NC off) | Bluetooth Range: 30 feet (10 meters) | Digital Assistant Support: Yes

Stellar audio performance
Great noise cancellation
Serviceable app with lots of features
Touch controls could use some work
Poor call quality

Boasting an estimated six hours of battery life (ANC on) and a stylish, elegant design the Sony WF-1000XM3 richly deserve a spot on our best earbuds list. They successfully combine great audio quality with impressive noise cancellation.  Deep, rich bass and tonal balance give the buds an edge over the competition. Better yet, listeners have the option to play with the built-in EQ and create their own sound profile or choose from nine different presets as well as adjust the ambient sound levels. 

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Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus

(Image credit: Master & Dynamic)

9. Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus

Splurge-worthy wireless earbuds with great performance

Size: 0.7 x 0.8 x 0.9 inches | Weight: 0.6 ounces | Battery Life (Rated): 10 hours; 40 hours (with charging case) | Bluetooth range: 98 feet (30 meters) | Digital Assistant Support: Yes

Remarkable audio performance
Vastly improved battery life
IPX5 water resistance
ANC needs work

The original MW07 was a well-received model that married refined craftsmanship with solid audio quality. M&D’s latest flagship buds are even more beautiful. High-end materials like acetate and stainless steel are still used to give the buds an elegant, stylish look. Crisp highs and punchy lows come together to create a well-balanced soundstage. However, the biggest upgrade comes in the form of battery life, which receives a massive boost (3.5 to 10 hours) on a single charge; the charging case now gives you 40 hours instead of 14 hours. The MW07 Plus also has active noise cancellation that helps minimize ambient sounds during commutes. The upgrade comes at a higher cost.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

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10. Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

Enticing audio in a sub-luxury design

Size: 1.14 x 0.63 x 1.1 inches | Weight: 0.6 ounces | Battery Life (Rated): 8 hours; 28 hours with charging case) | Bluetooth range: 30 feet (10 meters) | Digital Assistant Support: Yes

Wireless and USB-C charging
In-app audio customization
Sleek charging case and design
Feels uncomfortable after a while
Battery life is shorter than advertised

The Liberty 2 Pro is Anker’s statement product – cheap wireless earbuds designed to outperform most sub-luxury true wireless models. Anker enhanced its aesthetics, applying a slate grey and black finish that looks far more premium than its older models. Powering these buds are all-new dynamic drivers that produce punchy, crisp sound. Several EQ presets are available for different genres in the Soundcore app. There is also a HearID feature that conducts a hearing frequency test to create a sound profile tailored to your hearing. The only areas for improvement would be the quick-draining battery and uncomfortable fit.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

(Image credit: Sennheiser)

11. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

Class-leading sound in a sleek, tiny package

Size: 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches | Weight: 0.5 ounces | Battery Life (Rated): 4 hours;12 hours (with charging case) | Bluetooth range: 30 feet (10 meters) | Digital Assistant Support: Yes

Excellent sound
Solid connectivity
Light, comfy fit
Touch controls feel crammed
High price

Powered by robust 7mm drivers, the Momentum True Wireless delivers the purest sound experience of any truly wireless model. Spacious, natural sonics combined with incredible transparency make recordings sound like in-studio sessions. The fabric-wrapped charging case also complements the earbuds' premium, clean design. It's easy to overlook any of the buds' flaws knowing that they perform phenomenally on the audio end.

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Plantronics BackBeat Pro 5100

(Image credit: Future)

12. Plantronics BackBeat Pro 5100

Attractive earbuds with fantastic call quality

Size and Weight: 3.5 x 2 x 1 inches, 0.2 ounces | Battery Life (Rated): 6.5 hours; 13 hours (with charging case) | Bluetooth range: 33 feet (10 meters) | Digital Assistant Support: Yes

Stellar for wireless calls
Sleek and sporty design
Lots of features via companion app
Finicky controls
Slightly muddy bass

Plantronics creates some of the industry’s best calling headsets and the BackBeat Pro 5100 is exemplary. Four noise-cancelling mics help minimize background noise and wind interference to achieve crisp-sounding calls. Being able to use either earbud individually is another cool feature that frees up the opposite ear to hear your surroundings. On-ear detection to mute/transfer calls and Tile integration also make these an ideal pair for business travelers. Despite bass distorting the soundstage at high volume on certain tracks, Plantronics’ 5.8 mm drivers handle audio well, producing clear mids and highs.

Amazon Echo Buds

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13. Amazon Echo Buds

Best Alexa earbuds

Size and Weight: : 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches, 0.3 ounces | Battery Life (Rated): : 5 hours; 20 hours (with charging case) | Bluetooth Range: : 40 feet (12.2 meters) | Digital Assistant Support: : Yes

Seamless Alexa performance
Active noise reduction technology
Solid battery life
Sweat- and water-resistant protection
Feels uncomfortable after a while
Needs more smart gestures

The Echo Buds have the best Alexa integration and some unique tricks hidden underneath their shiny, plastic hood. They use Bose’s proprietary noise reduction technology to minimize ambient sound, which works effectively, but not to the level of premium ANC headphones. It’s still quite an achievement, making the Echo Buds one of the best wireless earbuds for the price.

Amazon programmed its buds to support a myriad of hands-free Alexa skills, which makes it super easy to execute common tasks (e.g. add Christmas gifts to Amazon cart, play Spotify, set alarms). There’s the option to enable Alexa manually, but using the wake word function requires less effort and operates more smoothly, especially in quiet settings. More smart gestures would have been cool, but that’s trivial when considering how much functionality these intelligible earbuds possess.

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