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Wireless USB to HDMI/PC-To-TV Streaming Devices

Gear To Help You Ditch Cable or Satellite Subscription

The idea is a simple one. You want to watch video that’s playing on your computer, but you want to see it on your flatscreen TV. Instead of getting a gadget that connects an Internet connection to your TV set via wifi or Ethernet, consider one of these handy devices. Plug the USB dongle into your computer, then set the base station near your TV so that it can plug directly into the HDMI port. All three of these devices use some flavor of wireless USB to HDMI, and all three work basically the same way: plug and play. The wireless USB system sends audio over to the TV as well. The only catch? You can’t browse the web and watch video at the same time using the computer, otherwise your dozens of browser tabs will show up on your TV, too. These devices put whatever is on your computer screen onto your TV screen, so be careful.

Iogear’s version—“Wireless 1080p Computer to HDTV Kit”—requires the installation of software and drivers in order to stream your screen up to 30 feet away. It has an HDMI/VGA/DVI output and a 3.5mm audio jack for stereo sound.

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Warpia’s Wireless USB Audio and Video PC to TV/Projector Display Converter Kit does much the same thing, but touts its ability to work with projectors as well. While all these devices require “line of sight” between the USB adapter and the base station, Warpia is very up front about that necessity. It supports resolutions up to SXGA+ (1400x1050) and HD Video up to 720p. Audio can go through the HDMI output or the stereo jack. HDMI cable is included—nice touch.

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A third option—Diamond V-Stream PCTV1080H Wireless PC to TV Interface—also exists. It features a slightly more futuristic design, and the ability for three audio-video adapters to be operated simultaneously with one PC adapter.

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