20 Remote Control Apps for Android Devices

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  • wiyosaya
    There's also Command Fusion - http://www.commandfusion.com/index.php though not free
    And OpenRemote - http://www.openremote.org/display/HOME/OpenRemote
    These two are exceptionally customizable.
  • arsanious 5858
  • _maxim_
    There is application has name "Vicario" in "Google Play". It is an Android application that provides remote access to your device.
    The device is managed via email.
    In other words, you write a mail with commands for the app and the app performs them in the specified sequence.
    Vicario size is 128 KB!
  • fisherman24tk
    Im looking for añ app that i can use on my android to control my rc helicopter with. Am i out of luck or can you recommend a link??
    Thank you.
  • Marin_2
    There is new App on Apple Store. Switch ME is the name of App. I have tried it. It is great.

    Has anyopne experince with this app.
  • ionmarian
    Misleading article, treating ad-based and personal data gathering apps like free apps.
    Tom's guide is no longer the state of the art and correctly informing portal, as it once used to be ...
  • gigaman
    My fav is other is LiteManager free app for remote control, because free, fast and simple
  • drew838948
    What is the best battery in the cheapest smartphone?