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Windows Phone 7 Does Remote Erase, Location

Tuesday Microsoft unveiled the Windows Phone Live companion site for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 device. It will supposedly be a one-stop hub for everything the user needs, whether its to see published images, check email, exchange OneNote files, check their Windows Live calendar, and more. All files will be synchronized between the web, PC, and the handheld.

According to Microsoft's Aaron Woodman in the Windows Phone Blog, the site will also provide users with 25GB of SkyDrive cloud-based storage, and a Find My Phone service that will help owners manage their missing phone using map, ring, lock and erase capabilities. Both services will be provided to Windows Phone 7 users free of charge.

As for the actual Windows Phone 7 launch date, Woodman said that they're right on track. "This is a fresh start for Microsoft’s mobile efforts; one in which we put the end user experiences at the center of every decision we make, from architecting a new design and integrated on-phone experiences, to taking more accountability for the hardware and application development platform," he said.

Woodman added that Microsoft is currently working with partners to determine "where and how Windows Phone 7 will be available regionally this holiday season and beyond." The device will support five languages at launch: English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. The Windows Phone Marketplace will also support the buying and selling of applications in 17 countries; Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK and United States.

"The bottom line is that we believe it’s not enough to have exciting games, intuitive email, rich music, extensive social networking tools or even beautiful hardware to house it all," Woodman said. "The magic comes when all of these things work together to bring the people and things you care about closer, while smoothing out your everyday tasks so that your day is a little bit easier."

We're fired up. What about you?