Charter Implements Internet Usage Caps

Internet usage caps, unfortunately seem to be becoming more common. Earlier this week, Charter Communications confirmed to Broadband Reports that it would be introducing new usage caps on their broadband Internet plans.

The usage caps will only affect users on 25 Mbps and slower speeds. Users on a 15 Mbps or slower connection will be capped at 100 GB per month, which 15-25 Mbps connection will have a 250 GB cap imposed on them. These caps will not be applied to the new 60 Mbps tier, according to Charter's Eric Ketzer.

“In order to continue providing the best possible experience for our Internet customers, later this month we will be updating our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to establish monthly residential bandwidth consumption thresholds... More than 99 percent of our customers will not be affected by our updated policy, as they consume far less bandwidth than the threshold allows,” said Ketzer.

Charter is just one of several ISPs who have considered usage caps for their customers. AT&T and Time Warner began trials with bandwidth caps back in 2008. There's a good chance that more trials from other ISPs are on the horizon as they jump on the bandwagon.

While 100 GB may seem impossibly restrictive for some users, users in other western countries such as Australia would jump on a chance to have 100 GB and 250 GB caps from most of their ISPs. Many Australians are using broadband caps under 15 GB per month. In fact, you could be paying $29.95 (AUD) per month for a mere 200 MB cap, with $150/GB fee after the cap is exceeded. Perhaps that is why 22 percent of Australia is still on dialup.

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  • jerreece
    I suppose 100GB / month is probably fine for most users. At the same time though, I don't like the idea of having a limit on my own internet usage period.

    Just don't see this as a step forward. I think I'd switch internet companies just to find a company that had unlimited usage.
  • MotorMouth
    I wonder why the cap on all of the older and cheaper plans and not the new 60mbps? Could it be they want us to buy the new more expensive plan, just so we can be capped again? I'm a Charter customer if they cap me I will lower my Internet package. Plain and simple why should I pay for a service I can't use. All of the idiots that don't will be stupid to give into them.
  • MotorMouth
    jerreeceI think I'd switch internet companies just to find a company that had unlimited usage.

    That's not going to be feasible much longer. They all clam unlimited usage as long as you don't exceed the cap.