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Verizon Intros FiOS Quantum With Up To 300 Mb/s

Verizon announced significant upgrades to its FiOS broadband service, optimistically called "FiOS Quantum". On the very high end, there is now a package that delivers up to 300 Mb/s download and 65 Mb/s upload speeds. Even better, there is apparently no bandwidth cap in place as of now. If Comcast offered such speeds with its 300 GB monthly cap, you would be blazing through the limit in just over two hours (136 minutes) of full bandwidth usage. The new plan is available for $210 per month without contract and for $205 per month with a 2-year contract.

Verizon also offers a 150 Mb/s download and 65 MB/s upload plan for $100 and $95 per month without and with subscription, respectively. Following the same pattern, a 75/35 Mb/s plan is available for $90 and $85, a 50/25 Mb/s plan for $80 and $75, as well as a 15/5 Mb/s plan for $70 and $65. Verizon also offers triple-play packages for the 50 to 150 Mb/s tiers. The 50/25 Mb/s triple-play bundle is priced between $110 and $155 per month for new customers, while the 150/65 Mb/s triple-play package rings in at between $170 and $175.

The 300 Mb/s FiOS service is offered as a standalone service only.