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Solwise UMD-606N is World's Smallest WiFi Dongle

When it comes to electronics, smaller is better; it's only natural as technology gets better. We started out with blocky, brick-sized "portable" phones that could only make calls; now we have super-slim phones that barely make a bulge in your pocket and can call, text, go online, and play games. Yet nothing else evokes the spirit of miniaturization than Solwise's latest creation: it's a WiFi dongle no bigger than a coin.

The UMD-606N looks like it's nothing more than a tiny nub of plastic attached to a USB jack. Your brain tells you it shouldn't work, but it apparently it does. Inside that tiny enclosure is a full-blown 802.11N WiFi antenna, giving you a throughput of 100Mbps. It's also compatible with all WiFi security protocols, like WEP, WPA and WPS.

It's a great solution for people who like to enable their computers for wireless, but don't like the aesthetics of typical Wifi dongles. The only downside is for Mac users, since it's only compatible with Windows. Still, a great little gadget, and quite a steal at $12.

[source: Solwise via Pocket Lint]