Skip to main content Turns Nokia Smartphones Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot

Chicago (IL) - has released JoikuSpot, an application that enables Nokia smartphones to act as a Wireless Access Point.

The idea behind the software is to enable Internet access whenever HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE connections are available, so that you can be free from cables while working on your laptop. You can share this Internet connection with other users, but bear in mind that unless you have a mobile Internet flat-rate, this might not be such a good idea. System requirements for JoikuSpot include support for 3G and Wi-Fi (both of which are integrated in Nokia’s E and N series of devices), as well as Symbian OS v3 or higher.

According to the developers, it is much more efficient to use WLAN protocols instead of Bluetooth networking. Given the fact that not a lot of notebooks come with battery-optimized Bluetooth chips, this feature actually might come in handy when you desperately need an Internet connection and a regular hotspot isn’t available.

Creative minds may even come up with an idea to use this software in combination with Apple’s iPhone. As long as you have a Nokia phone and 3G access, you could use JoikuSpot to get 3G speeds on the iPhone via a slight detour.

JoikuSpot 1.0.0 is available as a free download here.