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277,000 Users Could be Kicked Off The Internet This Monday

It may be worth checking your PC to see whether you are among the still 277,000 estimated PCs housing the virus (about 64,000 in the U.S.). Following the takedown of a criminal botnet last year, the FBI said it will be shutting off servers that were temporarily put in place to maintain Internet connectivity for PCs infected with DNSChanger. DNSChanger was believed to have infected more than half a million computers originally but without those servers, infected PCs will lose their Internet connection and need to be virus-free to regain connectivity.

The shutdown is scheduled for 12:01 am EDT on Monday, July 9. To check your PC, follow the instructions on this page to check for the virus. Several test pages, including this one (in English), have been to identify the presence of the virus, but is run by the group brought in by the FBI.