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277,000 Users Could be Kicked Off The Internet This Monday

It may be worth checking your PC to see whether you are among the still 277,000 estimated PCs housing the virus (about 64,000 in the U.S.). Following the takedown of a criminal botnet last year, the FBI said it will be shutting off servers that were temporarily put in place to maintain Internet connectivity for PCs infected with DNSChanger. DNSChanger was believed to have infected more than half a million computers originally but without those servers, infected PCs will lose their Internet connection and need to be virus-free to regain connectivity.

The shutdown is scheduled for 12:01 am EDT on Monday, July 9. To check your PC, follow the instructions on this page to check for the virus. Several test pages, including this one (in English), have been to identify the presence of the virus, but is run by the group brought in by the FBI.

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  • dfusco
    ..and the Internet will be a better place. Let's face it a little less stupid out there will only help.
  • lp231
    Tried other links and no DNS changers here. :)
  • A Bad Day
    Your average joe and granny rarely checks tech-related news, and they might be in denial or not even know what is a virus.

    My sister was in denial when I found like 3 known spywares on her computer. At the end, she asked, "What are they going to do with my email account, spam my contacts?"

    Me: "Yeah, with links to the spywares that your computer has."

    Her: "I don't care if they get infected or not, it's not my business."
  • john_4
    Should read 277,000 Windows users may be kicked off the net.
  • Hazbot
    john_4Should read 277,000 Windows users may be kicked off the net.
    Macs aren't immune to viruses you know.
  • HazbotMacs aren't immune to viruses you know.
    Sure, but he did not mention Macs, you did. Also, Windows is the only platform affected by this one, which makes his comment perfectly valid and not trolling...

    ...your comment, not so much.
  • Actually, one article did mention Macs

    July 9 could be ‘Internet doomsday’ for some (so check your PC or Mac)
    On April 26, 2012 By bgreene
    by Suzanne Choney July 9 might be “Internet doomsday” for PC and Mac users who haven’t taken steps to make sure their systems are not infected with what’s being called DNSChanger malware. That’s right: Your Internet connection may not work that day because the safety net now in Read Full Article →
  • Shinobi_III
    If they haven't removed a virus they've had for the past five years, they're not welcome on the internets.
  • shoelessinsight
    demarestThe fantasy that any governing body has the ability to control a large scale connectivity or lack thereof shows an embarrassing lack of understanding of how the internet came to be. Hint: It wasn't Al Gore.If you mean that you don't believe that the FBI will actually be able to take these 277,000 computers offline, then you should understand that this is a special case.

    The computers infected by this virus are having all their internet communication routed through a specific set of servers. If those servers went down, then the infected computers would be unable to communicate with the rest of the internet.

    Because the FBI seized control of the servers that were routing infected computers, they do have the ability to cut off internet for the infected computers.

    The only reason they left those servers running as long as they did was so that people wouldn't be unexpectantly disconnected. They gave everyone enough advance warning for them to get their computers in order, and now they're cutting the infected off.