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Comcast Allegedly Lying About Level 3 Dispute

A recap: last week Level 3 said that Comcast was putting up an internet “toll booth”, charging Level 3 for the traffic it would send to Comcast’s subscribers. Comcast countered that as Netflix’s new network provider, Level 3 would end up directing more traffic to Comcast’s servers—to levels that apparently merit payments.

The cable provider insists that their new “tolls” fall under existing and widely accepted industry agreements, and that Level 3’s moves to support its new contract with Netflix amount to “stealing bandwidth”.

Now Level 3 has shot back, claiming that Comcast is trying to frame the issue as “a peering dispute” that will let it “make many millions of dollars from Internet backbone carriers that bring requested content to Comcast for delivery to Comcast’s subscribers”. Level 3 insists that their relationship with Netflix has nothing to do with their objections to Comcast’s “toll”, but only a wish that Comcast “comply with the nondiscriminatory procedures that [it] has historically complied with and is required to follow.”

Level 3 also points out the obvious—that “traffic going to Comcast subscribers is much greater than traffic coming from Comcast subscribers” and “Comcast’s status as the nation’s largest provider of consumer broadband service enables Comcast to force Level 3 to pay the ‘toll’ Comcast has demanded.” The salient point of Level 3’s statement is that Comcast is trying to change the “market rules... unilaterally”, using their status to push changes to the system for a lucrative result.


  • zerapio
    Comcast, I vote NO with my wallet.
  • ikefu
    In the end the consumer always pays for corporate and shareholder greed, so why so much fuss?

    Just like why you should care about the government levying new corporate taxes. They don't pay taxes, they just pass the bill on to their consumers via higher prices.
  • BulkZerker
    Suddenly L3 Cripples Comcast's stranglehold by issuing a statement that soon they will be officially not supporting people using comcast's ISP. Or destroying itself.
  • g00fysmiley
    if they didn't have a legal monoploy i wouldn't us ethem.. come to think of it i'd love to have an option on my power/water/swer btu that won't happen either... too much old money out there that lieks how things are being run
  • But Level 3 is still sending more traffic to Comcast, then Comcast is to Level 3. They are not lying about that, or Level 3 being in a widely accepted deal where when one sides sends more traffic to another they pay them.

    I really dont understand how they are trying to make Comcast out to be a bad guy for trying to go by the agreed upon terms.

    Would Level 3 not be asking for Payment if traffic starts flowing their way at the same amount? I doubt it.
  • I don't understand ... Netflix is paying Lever3 to host their servers and they are paying for Traffic. Level3 is charging Comcast for uplink to comcast users (well they gain access to the internet via Level3)

    Level 3 charges double in this case. Once from Netflix and once from Comcast... they are the bad guys.
  • igot1forya
    I will gladly pay an extra tax if ANYONE (Level 3, or Comcast) would provide service in my area...
    My options are wired DSL or rural wireless DSL (PtP wireless) or Satellite internet... or *shutters* Dial-Up. I have to use a Cell boaster to even get cell service in my area - rural internet access in the US is neglected. :(
  • fracture
    Oh yeah, that reminds me. I need to call Comcast to cancel cable TV.
  • tripplenipple1224
    Would have commented earlier but my Comcast internet was down. Free publicity, why not
  • kerbe360
    I dont get it.... Level 3 sends data to Comcast customers... that was requested by the customer.... the customer pays Comcast for that access... should Comast start charging more for those using Xbox Live or PSN... those demos are getting bigger and bigger. Its true it does cost Comcast more to provide the bandwidth for all its customers but thats the price of doing business. You got a huge customer base... congrats... now deal with it. I guess the company would rather not raise the price for their already expensive service and charge someone else so they can charge more for that service. Should that also be the cost of doing business? In the end, when corporations open their hands for more money the customer almost always gets screwed....