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Yahoo! Makes Sweeping Reorganization to Execs

It’s been a crazy hectic week for Yahoo! this week. Over the last few days the company has announced a major reorganization, reported the departure of CFO, Blake Jorgensen and rumors are doing the rounds that Senior VP of International Engineering John Linwood is leaving to take the position of CTO at the BBC.

Earlier in the week, reports emerged (complete with internal memo), to say Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz was planning a huge executive reorganization at some point this week. Most had Wednesday fingered as the day Hurricane Carol would hit, and yesterday Bartz penned a post on the company’s corporate blog, Yodel Anecdotal, that detailed exactly none of the changes.

While Bartz didn’t say much of anything in the public post, it wasn’t long before the internal memo was leaked to the press. Available from AllThingsD, the memo dishes out all the gory details on what the Yahoo! boss is doing to simplify things. Check out Carol’s complete memo by clicking here.

First off, Tech and Product groups will be combined to create a single organization called Products. Led by Ari Balogh (title: EVP of Products and CTO), Carol’s internal memo says the goal of this division will be “enabling extraordinary consumer experiences tied to compelling advertiser and publisher offerings.” Breaking that down, Products will be responsible for the vision, strategy, and quality of every Yahoo! product regardless of region, device format or category. Balogh will report directly to Carol Bartz.

There are now two regions, North America and International. The regions are responsible for delivering Yahoo!’s products, programming and services to consumers, partners and advertisers in local markets. North America will be led by Hilary Schneider, EVP, North American Region, reporting to Carol Bartz. International’s leader will be hired soon.

David Ko has been appointed Head of Global Mobile Business, a role which will see him lead the mobile business, strategy and monetization teams for Yahoo!. He will report to Schneider. Bartz added that all product teams will be responsible for incorporating mobile innovations into their products.

Bartz has also created the role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to oversee global marketing strategy. Elisa Steele, Senior Vice President at NetApp, will start work on March 23. In the past she has also served as VP at Sun Microsystems and General Manager at AT&T.

HR will be led by David Windley, Legal by Michael Callahan, and the company’s new CFO is TBA with Blake Jorgensen remaining through the transition. Joel Jones will serve as Carol Bartz’s chief of staff.

As part of Bartz’s focus on customer satisfaction, a new Customer Advocacy group is being created with a team leader to be hired in the near future.

This structure is expected to remain in place for the next two to four years. For more on the departure of Senior VP of International Engineering, John Linwood and CFO Blake Jorgensen’s departure click here.

  • Tindytim
    Why does this remind me of "Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook"?
  • JMcEntegart
    @Tindytim: You just made my day. Cheers!
  • jsloan
    another yahoo executive bites the dust,
    another one bites the dust,
    and another one gone and another one gone,
    another one bites the dust...