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One Third of 11-Year-Olds Have Cell Phones

This graph from BusinessInsider follows the publication of data from MediaMark that shows that a jaw-dropping 20 percent of U.S. children aged 6-11 have cell phones. This is up from 11.5 percent 2005 and represents a 68 percent increase.

The 10-11-year-old group saw the biggest increase (80.5 percent), up from 20 percent to 36 percent. There was a 67 percent increase in the 8-9 category (up from 10.6 percent to 17.7 percent), and a 32.7 percent increase in 6-7-year-olds; 6.5 percent of this age group now own cell phones, up from 4.9 percent in 2005.

Most of the children said they used their phone to call their parents (88.1 percent), while the second most common activity was talking to friends (68.1 percent). After that came emergency puroposes (55.7 percent) and text messaging (54.1 percent).

What age do you think is appropriate for a child to have a cell phone. Many parents feel it's too much of a responsibility. However, others feel it is necessary to ensure their spawn is safe when journeying to and from school for example. Any parents in the house care to share?