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Report Points to June Launch for New iPhone

A little while back Macrumors stumbled upon some interesting code that hinted toward a new iPhone. Now a report in Ars Technica suggests that as was the case with 2007 and 2008, June 2009 will come with an iPhone launch to boot.

Am I getting replaced?

Am I getting replaced?

A piece of code in the iPhone’s current firmware referenced “iPhone 2,1”  and with the original iPhone refered to as “iPhone 1,1” and the 3G version was called “iPhone 1,2” everyone assumed that this was a completely new iPhone.

Ars Technica reports that when United Arab Emirates mobile carrier Etisalat announced this week that it will begin carrying the iPhone 3G on February 15, a report on the contract mentions the launch of a new iPhone in June.

While it’s unclear where the information actually came from, a June launch isn’t such a whacko idea. As we said before, past launches would suggest a June unveil and a July launch date. There’s also the fact that Steve Jobs says he’ll be back on the job by June. Just in time for the launch of the next iPhone, Mr. Jobs?

While the next generation iPhone is supposed to be a more substantial revision than the jump from 2G to 3G (the addition of 3G and GPS), and instead focus on the guts of the device, we figure Apple wouldn’t launch something unless it was visually quite different from previous models in order to bring in the less tech-savvy masses who wouldn’t be as tuned in to hardware updates.

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  • tayb
    Fix the software that has needed fixing since the original iPhone launched, update the internal hardware substantially, and put a camera on the front and I'll buy one. I can do without the camera on the front and still possibly make a purchase but the phone needs more horsepower. Can't convince the tech crowd to buy a "new" phone with old parts.
  • jerreece
    Now we just need a 3G + GPS version of the iPhone for Verizon Wireless. I'll be ready for my New Every Two upgrade June/July... Apple might just have me consider something they make if they made such a common sense move.
  • miltoxbeyond
    If Apple would just stop trying to run the wireless companies that have the iphone, we would've had the Verizon iPhone a long time ago...
  • Virgin Mobile Australia has held off Iphone sales for a full month for some reason starting this month. Maybe prelude to an earlier release than June?
  • AndrewMD
    As much as the iPhone has been getting better with more applications, the inability of a remove battery and a crappy network provide makes it a bad buy.

    Other options Apple needs is an external BT keyboard and mouse combo clip-on and an increased screen resolution.

  • I think that what soldier suggested is quite possible, but i think that quad core is highly unlike. Maybe a Via Nano or Intel Atom. I hope but doubt they will release two versions a 32GB and a 64GB,most likely a 32GB im certain that the Itouch will be upgraded to those capacities though.
    They also need to add a camera on the screen for video calling, a better camera on the back hopefully at least a 3.2mp camera with VIDEO and flash. Also a speakerphone button would be nice. They should also have stereo Bluetooth. Then im defiantly going to get one.
  • davidgbailey
    I'm sure you guys know more about what design features the new iPhone will need than the morons with all their worthless degrees and meaningless experience that work there.
  • Hope they add a Flash the shape of an apple. That would be WOW
  • WTF?

    New iPhones every year? Yet most cellphone providers only offer them on 2year contracts.

    This is the kind of BS that are collectively contributing towards all our global economic troubles.

    I WANT to buy a new iPhone as soon as it comes out, but now I'm forced by Apple as well as my Cell provider to skip every 2nd release, effectively, the buyer market is cut in half.

    What kind of message are Electronics manufacturers sending consumers - anything you buy has a shelf-life of less than 6months, yet we are expected to go into serious financial commitment for 2 years, and then walk around with a tool for more than a year that is not giving us what we need ( compared to what is available/standard by the second year of your contract).

    I understand that technology moves fast, but if I'm supposed to accept that my tech toys/gadgets are disposable, then don;t price them so that I have to take out a bond to repay them over almost 4 times their expected lifespan...

  • Verizon had their shot. Apple approached them first to market the iPhone. Verizon refused, AT&T chose second. Get over it.