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Woman Plans to Give Birth Live on Internet reports that blogger and first time mom Lynsee has been recording every detail of her pregnancy through her blog Watch Lynsee Grow. Not unusual given that there has been a huge influx of "Mommy Bloggers" over the last year or so. However, 23-year-old Lynsee will be giving birth live on the internet.

Already 37 weeks pregnant, Lynsee is due to give birth later this month and the whole thing will be streamed on the Moms Like Me website. cites Lynsee as saying she and her husband wanted to document the pregnancy so their child could look back through everything in years to come.

“We wanted to document the pregnancy and create a one-of-a-kind memento for our baby to have forever,” said Lynsee. "You'll be at some of the doctor's appointments... You'll be there in the delivery room, tastefully, but you will be there.’’

Moms Like Me site manager Cindy Chapman says the idea stems from the TLC show 'A Baby Story'. Chapman wanted to take the concept further and broadcast a live birth, something that 'A Baby Story' does not do. Chapman says there will be no graphic scenes broadcasted and an experienced camera crew will be there to make sure everything is done right. She also added that there is a "massive crisis plan" in place. goes on to report that an October members poll showed that 60 percent of Moms Like Me users said they did not want anyone but their significant other in the room when they gave birth. However, the same percentage also said they would be interested in watching the birth.

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*Image via Moms Like Me.