Average Internet User Online 13 Hours Per Week

Are you an average Web surfer? If you spend more than 13 hours per week on the Internet--excluding checking your email--then there's nothing average about you whatsoever... at least, that's what the latest Harris Interactive poll indicates. Apparently, the number of used hours has grown over the years, with the average surfer using 7 hours in 1999. The number peaked in October 2008, with the average weekly use hovering at 14 hours.

The poll results, released on Wednesday, revealed that 80-percent of U.S. adults go online, with 20-percent online for two hours or less a week, and 14-percent online more than 24 hours a week. Harris Interactive claims that consumers are more accustomed to using the Internet now than previous years, with many sitting back to watch streaming video or shop for items online.

Harris Interactive also speculates that the recession has something to do with recent numbers: consumers just don't have the money to go out, and thus spend time on the Internet (which is free after the monthly fee). The poll also determined that 50-percent of all those online bought something on the Internet in the last month.  This includes 62-percent of those aged 30-39, and 56-percent of those aged 40-49.

Harris Interactive's poll queried 2,029 people via telephone calls between July 7 and 12 and October 13 and 18, 2009. To see the resulting charts, head here. The firm also stresses that people's usage of the Internet varies.

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  • Kaiser_25
    Ya i do 13 hours a day easily if you include work...
  • socrates047
    this might freak u guys out, but i am online as i write this message.
  • bison88
    Man I feel like a serious loser. I spend no less then 8 hours online and thats with school. Man I need a life and maybe a girlfriend. Is there an App for that?
  • Other Comments
  • redgarl
    Well, it depends... if we only count the time I am surfing, maybe even less than that... let's say an hour a day.
  • sicpric
    On a normal work day I'm online more than that on a single day!
  • Lewis57
    Shit i spend about 5 hours a day online.