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Orangutan Takes Pics, Shares via Facebook

The UK's Mail Online reports that the Vienna Zoo has handed over a digital camera to one of its "inmates," a 33-year-old orangutan with a flair for photography. Naturally, this is a stunt to bring visitors to the zoo, offering the luring pictures online via the zoo's Facebook page. But apparently this is no monkey business, as the site has already generated more than 8,500 fans since the album launched on Tuesday.

Since the orangutan, named Nonja, obviously doesn't have access to a PC and the Internet, the zoo is allowing her to use the Samsung ST 1000. This camera has a point-and-shoot feature that automatically uploads the photos to Facebook. The camera was originally released over the summer outside the U.S., and features GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

While the idea is certainly entertaining (although it doesn't top the live Africam), Nonja isn't taking her photos without a little help. The Mail Online reports that the camera has been modified to dispense a raisin whenever she presses the shutter button. Obviously, Nonja won't sit around and wait for the perfect shot, but rather will take random images to get a quick snack.

To see Nonja and her photo skills in action, check her out on Facebook here. Hopefully, we won't see any hairy ass shots.

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