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Really: Facebook Testing 'Follow This User' Feature

Facebook is a busy place. You go to sleep and when you wake up, your news feed is filled with hundreds of stories from friends who have uploaded pictures, updated their statuses and written on each other's walls. A lot of the time, sifting through all the Farmville and "What's Your Tattoo?" quiz posts is too much work and its easier to forget about it all. However, a new feature from Facebook is endeavoring to make sure you never miss updates from the important people.

AllFacebook reports that Facebook is testing a 'Subcribe to [name]' feature that allows users to follow all the actions of a Facebook user. Anytime the user changes their status, uploads new photos or videos, or posts a link, you'll receive a notification about it.

Facebook says they're testing this feature out on a small percentage of users and confirmed to AF that it lets you subscribe to friends and pages to receive notifications whenever the person updates their status or posts new content.

Do you have this feature? Do you want this feature? It could be useful for people with a lot of Facebook friends as it would allow them to keep up with their close friends and family without feeling like they have to go through their entire news feed or visit each friend's page individually. I'm wondering if Facebook will tell you how many people are subscribed to you.

Source: AllFacebook