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Craigslist Asked to Close Adult Services Worldwide

On the heels of Monday’s announcement that Craigslist is shutting down its 'Adult Services' here in the States, four organizations representing children and young women have demanded that the site extend the closure beyond the American borders.

In a statement from Polaris Project, Rebecca Project for Human Rights, FAIR Fund, and Courtney’s House, the organizations began their request by thanking Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster for voluntarily closing the offending services.

"As the largest classified ads site to have an adult services section, Craigslist has become a major marketplace for buying and selling sex with children and young women," the statement reads. "An FBI investigation found 2,800 ads selling sex with children in the adult services section in 2008 alone. Closing this section of Craigslist sends a clear signal to sexual predators that it will not stand for them using the site to sexually enslave children and young women."

The letter goes on to point out that children and young women are still being sold for sex through Craigslist through more than 250 other Craigslist 'erotic' pages around the world. The organizations said that Craigslist has a global responsibility, and should shut down both 'Adult Services' and 'Erotic Services' sections across the globe.

"We hope that closing this section only in the U.S. was not simply a PR move in advance of a Congressional hearing on September 15th on sex trafficking where Craigslist has been called to testify," the letter challenged. "If Craigslist is seriously committed to ending the site’s use as a platform for sex trafficking and the sexual enslavement of children and young women, it will immediately close the remaining sections around the world."

Newmark and Buckmaster have yet to respond.