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Canadian Police: Those Spreading Pics of BC Gang Rape Could Face Child Pornography Charges

Police in British Columbia say that the victim of a gang rape in British Columbia has had to relive her ordeal numerous times because witnesses uploaded photos and videos of the crime to the internet. The 16-year-old girl was drugged and sexually assaulted by a group of between five and seven men at a rave. CBC reports that witnesses took photos and videos of the rape, which took place in a field near the party, and posted them online.

Though the police are acting quickly to have the photos removed, they are having difficultly because it doesn't take long for someone else to upload them elsewhere.

"This victim is having to relive it on a daily basis, because we get the photos taken off, and then all of a sudden they're redistributed and others are viewing it," Royal Canadian Mounted Police Inspector Derren Lench told CBC.

Police arrested and detained a teenage boy who uploaded the images and video. Though he removed the content, police say he may face child pornography charges because they're still being distributed. Similarly, anyone reposting the images could also face charges.

"I don't think those that have the actual photographs understand that in fact it's an offence to possess those, and it's also an offence to distribute them, because it is child pornography," Lench said.

Police are still seeking witnesses in relation to the incident.

Source: CBC