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AT&T to Make Millions Thanks to New 'Administrative Fee'

It might not seem like much, just a measly sixty-one cents a month, but AT&T is apparently going to make a killing with its new administrative fee. The company tacked this $0.61 fee onto customers' wireless bills effective May 1, 2013, and calls it a "Mobility Administrative Fee." Speaking on the AT&T forum, an AT&T employee said that the fee is consistent with similar fees from other carriers. It will cover expenses that AT&T incurs, including charges associated with cell rent sites and maintenance, as well as charges the carrier pays to interconnect with other carriers when delivering calls.


While customers may not be happy with the additional charge, it's unlikely this will affect their relationship with AT&T. After all, as AT&T itself pointed out, other carriers have a similar charge in place, and customers won't be able to break their contract without paying a hefty fee just because of this change. (Because it is labeled as an administrative fee and not an increase in service charges, it doesn't constitute a breach of contract.) From AT&T's perspective, it's about to get a pretty sizable bump in revenue. According to Boy Genius Report, this new charge will bring in roughly half a billion dollars per year. That's a lot of money.