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AT&T: Stop Texting Behind the Wheel!

AT&T is feeling a bit frisky and is now launching a campaign to stomp drivers who text while behind the wheel. Apparently, this form of communication is considered "dangerous," and has even sparked a federal Distracted Driving Summit that is schedule to begin tomorrow in Washington. AT&T's new campaign will focus on warning cell-phone users about the dangers of texting while driving, however the company put an emphasis on a particular age group: teens.

"Texting has increasingly become the way to communicate for many people, and the urge to quickly read and respond--even while driving--can be tempting," said AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson. "Our goal is to send a simple, yet vital, message to all wireless users: don’t text and drive."

The campaign won't simply consist of a few ads on television. In fact, AT&T plans to install warning on all phones sold by the company before the holiday season. AT&T also plans to crack down on company employees, expressively prohibiting texting behind the wheel while driving on the job (which encompasses around 290,000 workers). To round out the robust campaign, AT&T will hit consumers with public service announcements, an online resource center, and will even promote its "no texting" message through in-store signs, on subscriber bills, and more.

Recent researchers have discovered that texting and driving can reduce the driver's ability to drive safety much like alcohol impairs cognitive abilities. One study even suggests that people who text while driving are at a higher risk of getting into an accident: 23 times more than the non-texting driver. Currently 14 states have some type of law banning texting while driving, however there is now a bill pending in the U.S. Senate which will require all states to ban texting while driving, or face a reduction of federal highway funds each year.