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Samsung TVs 2020: QLED, microLED, and 8K TVs

Samsung's QLED line up is set to expand in 2020
(Image credit: David Becker/Getty Images)

Samsung has announced several of its new TVs coming in 2020. That means new QLED sets, both in 8K and 4K resolution, and a new addition to Samsung's Lifestyle lineup of design-focused TVs.

While the latest Samsung 2020 TVs won't hit the market until later this spring, it’s very possible that several of these models could land on our best TV list. We've got the first details of every 8K TV, 4K smart TV and QLED set that Samusng announced is coming later this year.

We'll be updating this story through the coming months as we get official confirmation of when TVs will be available to buy, and what as-yet-unannounced details Samsung shares in the future.

Here's everything we know so far about Samsung's 2020 TV lineup.

Samsung's biggest innovation: The Wall MicroLED

Samsung The Wall microLED 2020

(Image credit: Samsung)

 Samsung's biggest TV, and arguably it's most significant recent innovation in the realm of display technology, is The Wall, the giant microLED TV that stretches floor to ceiling. MicroLED technology promises to offer a true competitor to OLED in terms of picture quality and perfect black levels, but with the added bonus of much higher brightness, purer color and incredible HDR performance. We've been impressed with The Wall since we first saw it in 2018, but even when it was made available for purchase last year, it wasn't the sort of thing you could just pick up at a Best Buy or order on Amazon.

That is looking to change in 2020, with Samsung introducing several new versions of The Wall at CES, ranging from a massive 292-inch 8K model down to a fairly reasonable 75-inch microLED set that could fit in most living rooms. And unlike the 2019 models, which were only available through directly from Samsung – and cost an arm and a leg – the new models might actually be available through traditional retail this year.

Samsung has not announced any specifics about pricing and availability, only telling us that new models are on the way, with plans for 75 -, 88-, 93- and 110-inch 4K MicroLED TVs sometime this year.

Samsung's new premium TVs: 8K QLED

Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED

(Image credit: Samsung)

 When it comes to 8K QLED sets, we expect a wide range of products from Samsung, but the company has only announced the new Q950TS QLED 8K TV, the new flagship model for Samsung's 8K line. With a slim chassis, nearly bezel-free frameless design and impressive multi-speaker audio, the Q950 finally brings every other aspect of the TV inline with the stunning display quality.

The Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED will be offered in 65, 75 and 85 inches later this year, and boasts several new technologies that make it the best Samsung TV we've ever seen. (Check out our hands-on review of the Q950 to learn more.) The Q950TS has Samsung's Infinity Screen, surrounding the frameless QLED panel with almost no bezel at all, and what border is there should be difficult to even spot at normal viewing distances.

Included in the Q950TS is Samsung's new Object Tracking Sound+, which combines several internal speakers positioned above, below and to either side of the display to create a 5.1-channel soundscape that actually tracks with objects and actors on screen. 

Samsung Object Tracking Sound and Q Symphony

(Image credit: Samsung)

Those speakers can also be used in conjunction with a soundbar, using what Samsung calls Q Symphony. Where most soundbars disable the TV speakers when connected, Samsung's Q Symphony TVs will let you connect a compatible device (presently just the upcoming Samsung HQ-Q800T soundbar) and use the soundbar and speakers together. The result is both more volume and a larger soundscape, particularly with more verticality. We suspect we may see more Samsung TVs and soundbars with Q Symphony in the coming months, but it's only been announced on the Q950TS.

While Samsung was strongly pushing the Q950TS as its new 8K flagship, the company is bullish on 8K for 2020, and will be offering three different series in the 8K QLED lineup: The Q950TS, the Q900TS and the Q800TS. Samsung has also announced that the 2020 QLED 8K models will also have built-in ATSC 3.0 tuners for receiving NextGen TV broadcasts.

Details and pricing information are still unannounced, but we expect to learn more in the coming weeks and months.

Sero TV puts a mobile twist on Samsung's Lifestyle TVs

Samsung Sero TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung's other big TV demo puts a mobile twist on the manufacturer's Lifestyle line of design-oriented TVs with The Sero. Joining the existing Frame and Serif model lines, the Sero is aimed at mobile-first users, the sort of glued-to-the-smartphone Gen Z consumer that wants a TV that can handle video that's not optimized for traditional widescreen, horizontal TV form factors.

Enter the Sero – that's Korean for "Vertical" – a 43-inch QLED TV that has motorized rotation to switch from landscape to portrait mode to better accommodate the sort of vertical videos seen on Instagram, TikTok and other social media sites. With an integrated NFC chip for one-tap pairing with smartphones, the Sero will not only allow easy sharing of on screen content to the TV, it will also mimic the orientation of the phone its paired to. Flip it vertically, and the TV will rotate into portrait mode. Switch back to landscape mode and the TV will automatically rotate back to the traditional horizontal position.

The TV comes already attached to an easel-like floor stand, which includes the motorized rotation built in. Also integrated into the stand is a 4.1-channel, 60-watt speaker system.

The Sero will be launching in the U.S. sometime in 2020. The Korean version of the rotating set went on sale last year for 1.89m KRW (which is about $1,600), but pricing for the U.S. model has not been announced.

Samsung Lifestyle TVs get new sizes and features

Samsung Frame TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung's other Lifestyle models are also coming back, with The Frame and The Serif returning in new sizes, with more features.

The Frame is Samsung's art-inspired TV, which offers a flat design that can be hung on the wall and personalized with interchangeable snap-on frames that make the slim TV look like hanging artwork on the wall. With Samsung's ambient mode letting you display a huge selection of artwork on the screen when not viewing a show, the result is like Mr. Rogers' Picture Picture come to life, doing double duty as TV and home decor.

In 2020 The Frame will be available in six different sizes: 32-, 43-, 50-, 55-, 65-, and 75-inch sizes. All of those models have QLED LCD displays with 4K resolution and offer a full smart TV experience. And, because it's smaller size lends itself to installation even more like wall-hanging artwork, the 32-inch model will support both landscape and portrait orientations, letting you hang the TV sideways to better display portraiture and other vertically oriented content.

Unique to The Frame is Art Mode 3.0, which lets you select your favorite artwork from thousands of collections from galleries across the globe. These high-resolution images are optimized for the unique TV presentation style, and the new 3.0 release includes an AI-driven automatic selection mode, which looks at your favorites and cycles through other art it thinks you'll like.

Some (but not all) of these 2020 models will also include what Samsung calls Dual LED backlighting, which uses a combination of LEDs with different color temperatures to illuminate the screen. This allows the TV to adjust the color temperature of the backlight, and adjust the backlighting to optimize contrast for whatever is onscreen.

Samsung Serif TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

The Serif takes a more sculptural bent to the art-inspired design, with a chassis that looks like a stylized section of I-beam. With broad, flat surfaces above and below the QLED display, Samsung hopes the unique look will appeal to design-conscious buyers who may not be interested in having a traditional TV in their home. The Serif began selling in 2019 with a single 55-inch model, but returns in 2020 with 43, 49, and 55 inch sizes. 

Pricing and availability for 2020 versions of The Frame and The Serif have not been announced, but we expect to get more details this spring.

Samsung 4K QLED is back, details still scarce

Samsung 4K QLED (2019)

(Image credit: Samsung)

Finally, the Samsung TVs most likely to be seen in your local Best Buy and purchased for the average living room is the QLED line of premium 4K smart TVs. Samsung has refreshed it's full 4K QLED lineup for 2020, and boasts an array of sizes, price points and capabilities.

These new models, indicated by a T at the end of the models name, largely follow the template of previous years QLED sets, ranging from the most basic Q60T up to the most premium Q90T. 

These different model lines will be differentiated by what features they offer. Most details have yet to be announced, but this is what we know so far.

Q90TQLED display, Ultra Viewing Angle, Full array backlight, Local dimming, Object Tracking Sound, OneConnect Box
Q80TQLED display, Full array backlight, Local dimming
Q70TQLED display, Dual LED backlight, Edge lighting
Q60TQLED display, Dual LED backlight, Edge lighting

The most notable change above is that Samsung's extra-wide viewing angle technology will only be offered on the Q90T this year, while 2019 had the technology in both the Q90 and Q80 series. 

The range of available screen sizes will expand, stretching from a whopping 85 inches and offering sets as small as 49 inches. We'll have to wait to find out which models will be available in which sizes, but it's a good bet that size options will vary by series.

 Samsung Premium UHD LED TVs

Samsung RU7100

(Image credit: Future)

We don't know much about the non-QLED portion of Samsung's lineup for 2020, but we've got early hints that the basic UHD lineup is shrinking. In 2020, the RU800 series will be replaced by the QLED Q60T as Samsung's primary mass market product. There's also no word on whether the Samsung RU7300 – Samsung's line of curved LCD TVs – will get any sort of update in 2020.

While we suspect there will still be some sort of successor to the affordable Samsung RU7100, it's clear that Samsung is doubling down on QLED sets this year, and as more premium 8K sets enter the picture, less premium models may take a back seat.

Bottom line

All of the above information is based on currently available information, and we expect Samsung to announce or confirm additional details in the coming months as we approach the anticipated spring launch for these 2020 TVs. We'll be regularly updating this page with new information as we get it, so check back regularly to stay up to date on all the new Samsung sets coming in 2020.

If you're still unsure about what TV to get, check out our handy guide to choosing a TV brand, our look at our TV buying guide for more general advice.