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Best 55-inch TVs of 2019

We've spent more than 100 hours reviewing dozens of TVs in the past year, and most of the best smart TVs out there come in a variety of sizes. While 65-inch TVs are popular, many people find the 50-inch class and the 55-inch size in particular, to be a great fit for their circumstances. If a 55-inch TV sounds just right for your living room – and according to our size guide, many people will feel that way – there are plenty of options available.

Our favorite smart TVs, like the affordable Vizio M-Series Quantum or the nearly flawless Sony Master Series A9F OLED TV, all offer models in the 55-inch screen size.

While most of the TVs we test and review are 65-inch models, two smart TVs in the same model line should be extremely similar, apart from screen size. Overall performance is likely to be of the same quality, and core features, like port selection, smart TV capabilities and design, are extremely consistent from one size to another, letting us recommend with confidence. When a manufacturer makes a great 65-inch TV, it's a pretty safe bet that the 55-inch model will be just as good.

And we've got plenty of sets to recommend. Whether you want a top-notch OLED with incredible picture quality, an outdoor TV that can survive the elements or a budget TV that will save you a bundle, we've got advice backed up by hours of lab testing and in-depth evaluation.

A great TV value

Vizio M-Series Quantum 55-inch

(Image credit: Vizio)

1. Vizio M-Series Quantum 55-inch (M558-G1)

A great TV value

Screen Size: 55 inches | Screen Type: LCD with Quantum Dots | Refresh Rate: 120 Hz | HDMI ports: 4 | Size: 48.6 x 28.3 x 2.9 inches | Weight: 35.9 pounds

Quantum-dot display delivers vibrant color
Local dimming for great HDR performance
Decent audio quality
Flexible smart TV features
Free content included
Limited app selection on TV
Remote design is blah

The Vizio M-Series Quantum delivers a premium quantum-dot display for a reasonable price, and adds SmartCast 3.0 – Vizio's evolving smart-TV platform – to make it a great value, giving you a truly premium viewing experience for less.

The M-Series Quantum has color-boosting quantum dots for impressive picture quality and local dimming for great HDR performance, complete with Dolby Vision support. A built-in Google Chromecast gives you thousands of possible apps and services, and the newest version of SmartCast software supports Apple AirPlay2 and HomeKit, making it just as good for iOS users.

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Best under $500

TCL 6 Series Roku TV

(Image credit: TCL)

2. TCL 6 Series Roku TV

Best under $500

Screen Size: 55 inches | Screen Type: LCD with Quantum Dots | Refresh Rate: 60 Hz | HDMI ports: 3 | Size: 48.5 x 28.1 x 3 inches | Weight: 37 pounds

Great picture quality
Impressive backlight with 120 dimming zones
Roku's smart-TV platform is reliably good
Off-angle viewing isn't perfect
No private-listening headphone jack on remote

When it comes to naming our favorite TVs from 2018, the TCL 6-Series Roku TV easily climbs toward the top of the list. Excellent picture quality, stylish design and a refined smart-TV experience combine to make this a truly premium smart 4K TV — and the affordable price makes it even better.

The display offers rich color, smooth action and excellent black levels for an LCD TV, but the features don't stop there. TCL's refined brushed-metal design looks better than the basic black used on many more-expensive sets, and the Roku TV interface is enhanced with voice search, using a built-in mic in the remote. Throw in some unexpected premium touches, like Dolby Vision support, and you've got a smart-TV bargain that we recommend to anyone shopping for TVs. 

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Best for cord cutters

Vizio P-Series SmartCast TV

(Image credit: Vizio)

3. Vizio P-Series SmartCast TV

Best for cord cutters

Screen Size: 55 inches | Screen Type: LCD | Refresh Rate: 120 Hz | HDMI ports: 5 | Size: 48.5 x 28 x 2.6 inches | Weight: 38.8 pounds

Excellent picture quality
Local dimming with 100-zone backlighting
Antenna connection and tuner
Limited local app support
No voice assistant

The Vizio P-Series SmartCast TV is one the best TVs on the market and the best thing around for cord-cutters who want plenty of content options. Vizio's SmartCast platform offers dedicated channels for free content and a handful of popular apps on the TV, But the real treat is the built-in Google Chromecast, which lets you share content from your phone or tablet, and opens up the possibility of thousands of additional apps.

With great performance, an expanded app selection, major flexibility offered by the  Chromecast and the return of the built-in TV tuner, the Vizio P-Series SmartCast TV shapes up as the best option for anyone who wants to ditch their cable or satellite subscription.

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Our favorite cheap TV

TCL 5-Series Roku Smart 4K TV

(Image credit: TCL)

4. TCL 5-Series Roku Smart 4K TV

Our favorite cheap TV

Screen Size: 55 inches | Screen Type: LCD | Refresh Rate: 60 Hz | HDMI ports: 3 | Size: 48.3 x 28 x 3 inches | Weight: 32 pounds

Super affordable
A slick design
Great color reproduction and accuracy
Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support
Better-than-average Roku experience
Inconsistent backlight
Limited port selection

The TCL 5-Series Roku Smart 4K TV has an attractive sub-$500 price, great picture and sound quality and a slew of genuinely exciting features. It's the 55-inch model of the best cheap TV out there.

TCL's reputation for better-than-average quality is well-earned, and the TCL 43S517's feature set makes this TV one of the best values we've seen. Despite the inexpensive price, you'll get Dolby Vision HDR, Dolby Atmos audio support and integrated Roku voice search, giving you an outsize smart-TV value.

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Best 55-inch Samsung TV

Samsung 55-inch Q6F QLED TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

5. Samsung 55-inch Q6F QLED TV

Best 55-inch Samsung TV

Screen Size: 55 inches | Screen Type: LCD with Quantum Dots | Refresh Rate: 120 Hz | HDMI ports: 4 | Size: 48.3 x 28.0 x 2.2 inches | Weight: 37.9 pounds

Great color and brightness
Decent HDR support
Strong audio
Smart TV gets some innovative new features
Edge-lit backlighting
No Dolby Vision support
New features need a little more polish

Samsung's quantum-dot technology has narrowed the gap with more-expensive OLED TVs, making the Samsung Q6F QLED TV a fantastic alternative to more expensive premium TVs.  If you want big savings without a huge sacrifice in picture quality, the Samsung Q6F QLED TV is a good choice, boasting strong color and brightness and impressive audio, along with the Bixby voice assistant and super-simple setup for anyone with a Samsung phone.

In addition to being a well-made smart TV, it's also well-designed, with a look that's more sophisticated than that of the average TV. And it has an Ambient Mode that makes the TV both beautiful and functional even when you aren't watching a show.

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Top-notch premium OLED

Sony Master Series A9F OLED TV

(Image credit: Sony)

6. Sony Master Series A9F OLED TV

Top-notch premium OLED

Screen Size: 55 inches | Screen Type: OLED | Refresh Rate: 120 Hz | HDMI ports: 4 | Size: 48.3 x 28 x 3.4 inches | Weight: 52.5 pounds

Superb OLED display
Impressive HDR performance
Acoustic Surface Audio+ sound system is amazing
Android Oreo improves smart-TV experience
Pricey, even for a premium TV
Lean-back design is awkward
Disappointing remote control

The Sony Master Series A9F OLED stands apart as the best set in Sony's 2018 lineup. The A9F combines a gorgeous OLED panel with Sony's advanced video-processing hardware to offer some of the best picture quality we've seen on any 4K TV. And thanks to Sony's unique sound-from-glass design, it sounds just as good, no soundbar required.

The superb black levels and rich color of the OLED panel look fantastic, while still delivering detail and brightness. It's also got the best HDR support we've seen, handling basic formats like HDR10 and HLG, along with Dolby Vision and the brand-new IMAX Enhanced format, which has its own standards for color, contrast and picture clarity. The A9F is also one of the first Sony sets to ship with Android TV 8.0, which keeps everything we liked about Android TV while fixing a lot of the things we didn't.

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The best Amazon Fire smart TV

Insignia 55-inch 4K Fire TV Edition

(Image credit: Insignia)

7. Insignia 55-inch 4K Fire TV Edition

The best Amazon Fire smart TV

Screen Size: 55 inches | Screen Type: LCD | Refresh Rate: 60 Hz | HDMI ports: 3 | Size: 48.9 x 28.6 x 3.3 inches | Weight: 29.3 pounds

Affordable 4K smart TV
HDR support
Alexa voice assistant built in
No far-field mics for Alexa
Annoying ads

Just when we were about to write off all Amazon-powered TVs, the Insignia 4K Fire TV Edition showed up to make us reconsider. With better-than- average picture quality, sound, and built-in Alexa voice support, it's the best Fire Edition TV we've seen, and the only Amazon TV (so far) to get our recommendation. If you want a smart-TV built around Amazon's Alexa voice assistant and Prime Video, this is the model to get.

With decent color accuracy and a wide color gamut, the Insignia 4K Fire TV Edition is not only the best Amazon TV we've tested and reviewed, it's also got excellent picture quality compared with other sets in the sub-$500 price range. Throw in a sleek design and decent audio performance and it all shapes up into a pretty great TV.

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The best outdoor TV

SunBrite TV 55-inch Veranda Outdoor TV

(Image credit: SunBrite)

SunBrite TV 55-inch Veranda Outdoor TV

The best outdoor TV

Screen Size: 55 inches | Screen Type: LCD | Refresh Rate: 60 Hz | HDMI ports: 3 | Size: 49.4 x 28.7 x 3.5 inches | Weight: 47 pounds

Solid 4K picture with HDR support
Rugged outdoor design
Strong performance in picture and sound
No smart functions

Most TVs are made for living rooms; drag them outside and they die a quick death from heat, water or even bugs. But the SunBriteTV Veranda Series 55-inch outdoor TV has a rugged design that takes it all in stride. Whether it's a hot garage in the summer or a cold, covered patio in winter, the SunBriteTV can handle it, thanks to a weather-sealed chassis and a screen made to be viewed in shady conditions where even ambient sunlight would trip up a normal TV.

With HDR capability and strong overall performance, it's a great TV for any outdoor setting. And thanks to some excellent built-in speakers, there's no need to get a soundbar. It's our favorite outdoor TV, rain or shine.

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