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Galaxy S10 May Be First Samsung Phone With Cryptocurrency Built-In

Samsung is moving ahead with new cryptocurrency software it could bake into its Galaxy S10, according to a new report.

Tom's Guide

Tom's Guide

The Korean tech giant's new cryptocurrency offering will come in two parts, according to SamMobile, which earlier reported on the feature. The first part will be a cold wallet that saves your cryptocurrency, as well as public and private keys and signing of those private keys for transactions. The second part will be a crypto wallet that will give you access to transfers, and the ability to view account information and transaction history.

Cold wallets are widely viewed as one of the more security-focused components in a cryptocurrency setup. Cold wallets are offline, so they can't be accessed remotely by hackers. What's more, the only way to access them is to have physical access to the smartphone.

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According to SamMobile's sources, Samsung is planning to integrate its new cryptocurrency solution into the Galaxy S10 it launches early next year. It could then find its way to a variety of other smartphones as time goes on.

Of course, the feature won't be for everyone, but those who are heavily invested in cryptocurrency might like that they'll be able to import their current wallets in services like Metamask or TrustWallet into Samsung's service. It's expected the feature will include support for a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20, and Bitcoin Cash, according to SamMobile's sources. Most importantly to many, Samsung will block off any access to cryptocurrency wallets, so it cannot interact with them.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S10 in early 2019. We'll likely hear more about it in February ahead of its launch.

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