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Get Palm Pre $99.99 Shipped

Looking for a new mobile phone without having to pay a hefty price? Wirefly has the Palm Pre up for sale, costing new Sprint PCS customers just $99.99 shipped. While that doesn't sound like a bad price on the surface, gimmicks of this nature always come with a ball and chain: a two-year contract. That may be fine and dandy for consumers wanting to jump teams, especially those sick of the iPhone hogs jamming up AT&T's airwaves.

To put this pricetag in perspective though, the Palm Pre, supposedly the next best thing to the iPhone (or better depending on who is asked), the phone costs $499.99 without a new account. Current Sprint PCS subscribers aren't necessarily bound to that pricetag: by agreeing to a two-year contract extension, that hefty pricetag can be reduced down to $139.99. That pricetag isn't too shabby either, but having another two years tacked onto the current subscription may scare off hopeful prospects. is reporting that the Palm Pre finally hits European shores tomorrow, September 15. PC World also adds that the Palm Pre's WebOS browser "matches up" with the iPhone's Safari browser, describing all its great features including adaptive zooming, multiple windows, its search function and more. Unfortunately, Apple decided to relock its iTunes doors to Palm Pre owners once again with the latest client release, so consumers will have to wait for another OS update in order to sync multimedia to the device.

Is purchasing a Palm Pre for $99.99 worth a two-year contract with Sprint PCS?