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Maine Considering Cell Phone Cancer Warning

Since the inception of the mobile phone, consumers have heard warnings that the device causes brain cancer. Consumers have also heard that mobile phones don't cause cancer, or at least, there's no visible proof. The debate still rages on, however a Maine legislator is ignoring the debate, and wants the state to be the first to tack on brain cancer warning labels on all mobile phones.

Maine Rep. Andrea Boland, D-Sanford, the politician behind the legislation effort, isn't the only political figure to demand the label. The Associated Press reports that San Francisco Mayer Gavin Newsom wants brain cancer labels on cell phones as well, and is pushing the city to be the first in the U.S. If passed, the United States will finally fall in behind other countries already requiring the warnings on overseas mobile phones.

But why enforce the warnings if there's no clear verdict that cell phone usage causes brain cancer? The Federal Communications Commission claims that all mobile phones sold in the United States are safe, and has even set a standard for the "specific absorption rate" for electromagnetic radiation emitted by the devices.

Boland's bill, if passed, would force manufacturers to place labels of mobile phones that warn users that brain cancer has been linked to electromagnetic radiation. The warnings would suggest that users not place the device next to their head, but instead use an external earpiece or headphones.