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I.D. Thief Steals More Identities While Behind Bars

The Los Angeles Times reports that an identity thief was sentenced to an additional eight years in a federal prison for orchestrating a bank fraud scheme while still behind bars. Morocco Curry, 37, also known as Monica Dupree, was originally serving a three-year sentence at Centinela State Prison in Imperial, California for bank fraud and identity theft.

While the details are sketchy, the U.S. attorney's office in Los Angeles said that Curry acquired the credit card numbers and other personal information from at least four people. Prosecutors said that Curry made three-way calls with conspirators living outside the prison, and gave them the sensitive information. They in turn contacted credit card issuers and requested replacement cards.

The LA Weekly adds to the report, claiming that Curry obtained the personal information from members of the prison staff. Curry and his circle of associates spent more than $28,000 before the operation was busted, however the LA Times said that the credit card companies lost more than $139,000 from the scheme.

Curry pleaded guilty to the new charges on Monday, and was hauled off to a federal prison. "I consider you dangerous,” Judge Robert H. Whaley said during the hearing. Unfortunately, the report doesn't specify how he managed to collect credit card numbers in the first place, or why his calls—placed from within the state prison--weren't monitored.