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Google Shutting Down Nexus One Online Store

Google said Friday that it is shutting down the online Nexus One store launched back in January 2010. The company said that it's pleased with the overall global adoption of the Android platform. However truth be told, the store didn't live up to those same expectations, remaining a niche channel for early Nexus One adopters.

"As with every innovation, some parts worked better than others," Google said, comparing the unique features of the Nexus One (which found their way to the HTC EVO 4G and the Verizon Droid Incredible by HTC) to the unique offerings provided by the online store. "It’s clear that many customers like a hands-on experience before buying a phone."

Google said that it plans to provide the Nexus One to more retail channels than ever before, following the same model it used in the UK through Vodafone. However the company may be in for a bit of a fight. Verizon, once signed on to offer the smartphone to its subscribers, but recently pulled out of the agreement. Sprint also backed out after pledging its support for the phone. There's also the strange situation that Google will now be competing with other smartphones based on its own Android OS.

Once the proper channels are in place and consumers have unlimited access to the Nexus One on a more local level, Google said that it will discontinue its sales online. Instead, it will use the old storefront as an online window "to showcase a variety of Android phones available globally."