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Ultimate Dorm Room Gear Guide

What Tech Is In Your Dream Dorm? Win HP Envy 17

Enter HERE To Win An HP Envy 17

If you're like most college students, the amount of personal space allotted to you in your dorm can barely contain a bed and a desk. Gone are the comforts of home: a bedroom to yourself, a flat-screen TV in the living room with DVR and Blu-ray player, plenty of power outlets in every wall...And If you're not careful with the space you've been granted at the dorm, your room could easily end up looking like this--and then nobody will ever want to hang out with you.

Well, make the best of it, kid. If you've got the budget (and we understand that not everyone does--this article is about tech fantasy), you can make your dorm room as technologically comfortable as possible. And if you've got a like-minded roommate, you might be able to share the cost of some of these finer accessories.

But there's no way you'd share a computer with your roommate. You need your own--and a sweet one at that. What do you think of the brand new HP Envy 17? This magnificently engineered notebook will last you through four years of undergrad if you treat it right. Enter to win one right here. The contest opens on August 23, and closes at midnight on August 30.

Even if you're not the winner, perhaps you'll get some good tips on how to maximize the space in your dorm, and soup it up to include technologies like powerline connectivity, over-the-air HDTV tuning, bedside Web surfing and monitor mounting. Read on to learn more.