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VIDEO: Zune HD Hacked, Runs DooM

Last week there were reports that Microsoft's Zune HD had been successfully, "truly" hacked thanks to OpenZDK. Unlike XNA, the software kit allows application developers to take full advantage of the device's Tegra APX2600 using custom vertex and fragment shaders with OpenGL ES 2.0 that can be developed using C++.

"OpenZDK allows developers to make much more advanced applications and games for both the Zune HD and classic models--applications on par with Microsoft-published titles like PGR: Ferrari Edition and Audiosurf Tilt," reads the Zune Dev Wiki. Outside games, Zune developers can now create anything for both current HD and previous models, breaking through XNA's prior limitations.

The post over on ZuneBoards said that the initial release of OpenZDK was primarily intended to give developers a starting point for building "next-generation" applications. With that said, it should be no surprise that DooM has unofficially found its way onto Microsoft's Zune HD device.

Unfortunately, this port looks like it has the same issues plaguing the Android version--whacked-out controls--however the framerate seems rather smooth, and doesn't rip apart as seen on the DROID. While the Zune HD version does look promising, the iPhone / iPod Touch version, officially supplied by iD software, still rocks the portable gaming world.

Check out DooM in action on the Zune HD in the video below!

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  • grillz9909
    Cool. Now they just need to make it playable.
  • megamanx00
    Heh, cool.
  • burnley14
    The fact that the guy who made it spent most of his time running into walls tells me that this was better as an idea than a final product.
  • sandmanwn
    needs to adjust his d-pad emulation a lot but it works pretty well
  • nukemaster
    Could be fun once the controls get fixed up.
  • mlopinto2k1
    I had a Zune HD. I liked it but when I started to get 100+ songs on it, changing tracks became slow. Also, the screen seemed a little on the small side for me, personally. I liked the $15 a month for almost unlimited song downloads though! (Some songs had to be purchased) Anyway, I might have kept it if the screen was a little bigger, had more memory and battery life and a better web browser. Also, more applications that take advantage of the hardware capabilities would have been nice too. With that being said, I now own a 32Gig iPod Touch.
  • daglesj
    Looked smoother than when I used to play back in 1994 or whenever.
  • Hello guys, I made the video not the game. Controls are much easier than you would think but filming made it kind of hard. Also, version 1.1.1 is out and much better.
  • matt87_50
    yay, now I will be able to easily port apps to winMo (assuming they do the same thing) something that would have not been the case officially, being forced to use xna.
  • thedreadfather
    @daglesj: Imagine that in 16 years, devices like these will run Crysis and we'll all say, "Wow, I remember when that game was taxing for a $700 card!"

    This is extremely exciting (for me at least). I've been waiting for new apps, and this delivers. Hopefully we'll see a ton more games developed (I'd do it if I could).

    @thehatersalad 1.1.1 already? It has gone from 1.0 to 1.1 to 1.1.1 in one day...

    Oh and by the way, thanks Kevin for reporting this. I was worried that with all the hacked iPad/iPhone/iEtc articles that this would be forgotten. ;)