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Unhappy Digg Users Flood Site with Reddit Links

The new version of Digg is a departure from the very community-orientated Digg of days gone by. Previously, Digg was driven by a group of 'power-users' who had a huge influence over the content appearing on the site. The new design removes this aspect of the site, instead focusing on a customized news line-up on content chosen from your social-networking circle as well as celebrities and brands that you choose to follow.

Though the new design is more conducive to mainstream growth, Diggers who have been there since the beginning are angry that the site is no longer all about the community. Digg users on Twitter are using the hashtag #DiggRevolt to discuss the redesign, while the more hard-core Diggers have gamed the site so that the front page is almost completely dominated by Reddit posts.

A quick search for #DiggRevolt on reveals that many users feel the new version is nothing more than "a publishing platform for corporate media sites."

Source: CNet