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10 Real 3D Printing Projects

Human Dolls

Clone Factory, a Japanese company, has taken a rather creepy twist on 3D printing. With a high-resolution picture of your face and a few specifications about your body and clothing, they’ll make a clone of you. Yes, you. Actually, you’ll only be a doll—not unlike an extremely disturbing voodoo doll—but if you have always wanted to have a “Mini Me” version of yourself, here’s your chance. What better way to commemorate that wedding day or special birthday (other than, you know, normal photos).

How Clone Factory plans on overcoming the infamous Uncanny Valley—that zone where artificial faces get too close to human, but not close enough, and our recognition centers reject it outright. Most of us don’t love ourselves quite enough, or any of our friends for that matter, to have a freaky miniature version of ourselves kicking around.

Though before worrying about the Uncanny Valley, Clone Factory may just want to worry about price point. Each doll costs in the neighborhood of $1800.