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Solar-Powered 'Smart' Streets Melt Ice Away

The brutal winters that America has been facing cost the government as well as the public billions of dollars in damages, repairs, and snow removal. We also can't forget about all of the horrible accidents that happen when our roads are filled with ice and snow.

One innovative electric engineer, Scott Brusaw, came up with a solution. Brusaw has accumulated a large amount of interest and support for his Solar Roadways. The concept involves replacing our typically asphalt or concrete roads with an ultra durable glass.

Drawing its power from solar cells inside of the glass' surface, Solar Roadways generate their own energy to power heating elements installed within the glass. Ideally these roads will be able to produce enough heat to melt away snow and ice, making our roads safer and snow plows unnecessary.

The heating elements are designed to work much like a rear view window defroster and the temperatures will be experimented with in the next phase of Brusaw's development plans.

In addition to the cold fighting, Brusaw's ambitious roads will power LED lights and warning signs on the roads themselves. If the roads become widely accepted and implemented, Brusaw believes there will be an abundance of clean electricity created, taking the strain off of fossil fuels and saving the planet.

Although we may not see these roads any winter soon, Brusaw is confident and says, "I'm looking out the window now at about a foot of snow, so if we can make it work here, we can make it work anywhere in the country." He also added that, "I'm hoping this spring we'll start laying the foundation for it right outside our building here."