How to Get NFL Sunday Ticket Without DirecTV

The NFL season is here, and your lack of a cable subscription might have you panicking. Fortunately, with NFL Sunday Ticket available as a standalone service, it's quite easy to get your full-season football fix without cable — if you're eligible.

With, you can watch every live out-of-market Sunday game on your streaming device of choice. There's even a special university package that lets college students save some cash. Here's how to get started.

Sunday Ticket TV (For Everyone)

Image: DirecTVImage: DirecTV

For a standard Sunday Ticket TV subscription, simply visit the DirecTV website and enter your address to make sure you're eligible. DirecTV only makes Sunday Ticket available outside of its regular subscriptions if you live in an area that can't get service from the satellite TV provider; you're also eligible for the service if you live in a multi-unit residence like an apartment, condo or dormitory.

Should you be eligible, you'll have two package choices: NFLST.TV and NFLST.TV Max. The NFLST.TV package features every live out-of-market game (aka the ones you can't watch on local TV) on every Sunday afternoon during the regular season. It costs $69.99 per month for 4 months, or a single payment of $279.96.

The Max bundle adds in NFL Red Zone, which lets you watch every single touchdown from Sunday afternoon, and DirectTV Fantasy Zone, which provides stats and analysis for fantasy football junkies. This package costs $379.96 for the season or $94.99 per month, and you can add in NFL Game Pass, which streams live pre-season games and pre-recorded regular season games, for an extra $49.

If you started out with the NFLST.TV package but find yourself craving more NFL action, you can upgrade to Max at any time. Folks who've renewed their subscription from 2016 will be locked into last year's lower prices, as a token of DirecTV's appreciation.

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Sunday Ticket TV U (For Students)

NFL Sunday Ticket

Are you a college-bound NFL junkie on a budget? DirectTV has you covered. Those attending two-year or four-year universities can get a special NFLST.TV U package for just $24.99 per month for four months, or $99.96 for the season. Better yet, the student package offers all of the same benefits of the Sunday Ticket Max package, including Red Zone, Fantasy Zone, and the option to add Game Pass for $49.

To qualify for Sunday Ticket TV U, you'll have to provide your name, birthday and college. As long as the site can find your student record, you're good to go. As with the other packages, you'll be locked into last year's prices if you've renewed your subscription.

Where to Watch Sunday Ticket

Whether you just dropped cable or are about to move into a new dorm room, you can stream Sunday Ticket on just about any device that connects to Wi-Fi. That includes iOS and Android devices, Windows PCs, streaming boxes such as Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku and game consoles such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Now that you're all set to enjoy Sunday Ticket even without a full DirecTV subscription, feel free to kick back, order some wings and pray your favorite quarterback doesn't get injured.

Does Sunday Ticket cover the playoffs?

Unfortunately, no. According to the DirecTV website, Sunday Ticket only covers regular season, Sunday afternoon games that are out of your market. As an alternative, you can subscribe to a streaming service such as Sling TV or YouTube TV, both of which give you access to NFL Playoff channels such as FOX, ABC and CBS. You can also pick up an HD antenna to get those same channels over the air.

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  • gsosings
    Been a full Directv customer for 11 years running. And for the Sunday Ticket, I've gotten a better deal for the last 6 years. I used this justification:

    They were offering a FREE Sunday Ticket for new customer sign-ups. I suggested they were rewarding brand-new customers, but slighting 'loyal' customers by not offering the same bonus. The "customer loyalty" dept. agreed. This rationale has worked for the last 6 years.

    Directv wants to keep your business. There are bonuses & reductions - stay loyal, my friends!
  • ashleecannan
    $1,600 a year isn't worth a free Sunday Ticket package. I'll gladly pay for it and keep an extra $1,200 in my pocket every year.
  • gsosings
    Anonymous said:
    $1,600 a year isn't worth a free Sunday Ticket package. I'll gladly pay for it and keep an extra $1,200 in my pocket every year.

    Of course.. YOU always have the option to pay whatever YOU want for whatever joy YOU get from life -
    I retain the privilege to choose to spend MY entertainment dollars on what I enjoy!

    (stay thirsty my friend..)
  • shivachandra55
    If I subscribed to NFL max with game pass, when can I watch preseason and red zone too, I mean game pass and redzone is it on only Sunday or can I watch everyday
  • bandoogiemanz
    GSOSINGS, did you call the regular rep or ask to be transferred to retentions dept? Also, do you think I can still do this, even though the season has started. My family has been customers for over a decade and paid full price for sunday ticket every year.
  • jameslonging76
    The thing is, you can't get the streaming ticket if you have direct TV in your area. You have to live in an area where you CAN'T get DTV. So basically they are forcing you to use their TV service. So instead of making a little money, they are going to make ZERO money from. And now i'm cancelling my ATT internet and going to Spectrum. Will the NFL ever break away from ATT dangit??????
  • pattievert
    The article claims one can stream on XBOX 360. Is that true? It's not listed as one of the devices supported. Only XBOX ONE is. I had XBOX ONE last year but do not have it this year, only a 360, so curious if it will work or not.