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Woman Marries R2-D2 (Droid She's Looking For)

We've been keeping an eye on R2-D2 Central in the run up to the launch of the R2-D2 DROID 2, hoping to snag more information about the phone. After all, they did provide us with the first pictures of the phone, perhaps they'd have other juicy information for us? Well, we haven't heard anymore about the phone but they did provide us with pictures of something else, something much stranger: R2-D2 got married to his (its?) biggest fan, Bonnie Burton, at Star Wars Celebration V in Florida last week.

R2-D2 fanatic, Bonnie Burton writes of her love for droids on the Star Wars blog:

"After suffering through too many broken hearts thanks to dating boys who never quite appreciated my geek girl ways, I made a vow never to give my heart to anyone ever again who rolled their eyes when I attempted a Wookiee roar. I guess you could say I was looking for love in Alderaan places.

So after a brief courtship, which involved speed dating and drinks, these two crazy kids got hitched at the Star Wars Commitment Chapel. The ceremony was officiated by Darth Maul, R2-KT was a flower girl, and Darth Vader himself was best man, along with maid of honor Adrianne Curry.

Unfortunately for the smitten Bonnie, ceremonies at the Star Wars Commitment Chapel are for enjoyment only. writes:

"It does not grant any legal rights, and is not legally valid in any state -- except your state of mind."

Check out the full gallery of the wedding here.

  • pangedit
    Her and the Japanese guy who married a video game should get together or something.
  • shloader
    Whole new meaning to 'Battery Operated Boyfriend'.
  • tacoslave
    chick next to vader is totally hawt r2d2's wife not so much.
  • jerreece
    LOL Wookieee roar. She means gargling her Listerine really, really loud.

    Maybe this is why she's single. ;)
  • JackFrost860
    Has anyone told her that Darth Vader is now her new father-in-law :/
  • lakelucid
    So which side of the force is she on now?
  • CoryInJapan
    So RD D2 is ditching the hot pink one for that bimbo?
  • pirateboy
    hmmmm yes...R2D2 actually looks like a giant dildo. R2 better lube up.
    You may now kiss the iPhone goodbye!
  • crazybaldhead
    Thank god she's finally off the market. Talk about butterface.