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iPhone 12 May Get 120Hz Display for 2020

(Image credit: Concept Creator)

While the iPhone 11 is due to release in just a couple of months, the 2020 edition of Apple’s smartphone has a lot more excitement surrounding it. This is due to multiple updates and innovations which are rumored to be coming next year, such as 5G, three models with OLED displays, a smaller option, and this most recent piece of news.

According to a tweet made by Ice Universe, Apple is looking to have a display capable of up to a 120Hz refresh rate for the 2020 iPhone, and is speaking to both Samsung and LG, presumably as potential manufacturers of the panels.

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The higher the refresh rate of a display, the smoother the images look. Currently, the OnePlus 7 Pro boasts a smooth 90Hz display, but the newly announced Asus ROG Phone 2 has a 120Hz OLED panel.

Displays on Apple's iPad Pro made since 2017 are capable of 120Hz, but are LCD panels rather than OLED. OLED screens are generally the preferred screen technology for modern smartphones, due to their superior black levels, color saturation and viewing angles. 

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The word ‘switchable’ is interesting, mostly because its meaning is pretty vague in such a short tweet. Since it takes more power to update a screen 120 times a second rather than 60 times, perhaps Apple wants the iPhone 2020 to automatically swap to the lower refresh rate when in power saving mode.

2020 is still some time away, and while it’s nice to have advance warning, we could end up with something completely different by the time the iPhone 12 (or whatever it will actually be called) gets revealed.

Still, it's easy to see why some industry watchers are looking towards the iPhone 11. One analyst says it will struggle and be a yawner, and YouTube star Marques Brownlee called dummy units for the iPhone 11 underwhelming.

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