Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024: Possible dates, potential products and what to expect

Galaxy Unpacked 2023 foldable phone launch
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Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 latest news

Updated May 23

• Leaker Evan Blass has posted a list of products potentially appearing at Unpacked.
• The Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE may not be on the agenda for Unpacked after all, as Samsung is reconsidering plans for the phone.

Samsung typically holds at least two Galaxy Unpacked events each year — one at the start to show off new Galaxy S phones followed by a summer edition where foldable devices are usually the focus. With January's Galaxy Unpacked in the books, it's time to focus on the Unpacked Summer 2024 event rapidly approaching on the calendar.

In fact, if rumors about the Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 event are any indication, this year's product showcase could be coming up sooner than you might think. Reportedly, Samsung is moving up to the date for this next product launch in order to get people talking about its latest wares ahead of the Paris Olympics.

We're already hearing rumors about all the different products Samsung could show off this summer. Foldable phones should be part of the mix, as always, but there's the potential that new smartwatches will grab their share of the spotlight. And Samsung has already teased one new product at its last Galaxy Unpacked event that we expect to see fully released this time around.

Here's a rundown of when we think Samsung might be planning to hold the Galaxy Unpacked Summer 20024 event as well as what we're expecting to see once the show gets underway.

When is Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 supposed to happen?

Typically, we would expect Galaxy Unpacked to happen at some point in August. For instance, the 2022 event that introduced us to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 was held on August 10, after the 2021 Summer Unpacked took place August 11.

But Samsung has been moving its events forward, like the Galaxy S24 launch event from earlier this year that happened in mid-January — the earliest Unpacked in a good, long while. Similarly, last year's summer Unpacked move up to July 26, so that Samsung could introduce us to the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Rumors suggest that this year's event will be even earlier. A Sammobile report in April 2024 claims that Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 is taking place on July 10. Samsung apparently wants to get its products out there prior to the Olympics, which kick off in Paris on July 26. (Samsung is a sponsor of that competition.)

It should be noted that Samsung hasn't uttered a peep about the Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 date. We wouldn't expect any official indication about an Unpacked data to appear publicly until mid-June.

Where is Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 going to happen?

Paris Olympics 2024 signage

(Image credit: STEFANO RELLANDINI/AFP via Getty Images)

Most of the time Samsung's Unpacked events ping-pong back and forth between New York and San Francisco. Last year's Unpacked summer installment switched things up, however — Samsung held that product launch in Seoul, South Korea, not far from its headquarters.

Rumors point to another overseas Unpacked this time around. That same Sammobile report that tabbed July 10 as the date also claims that Samsung will announce its new products in Paris — yet another reason why Samsung may be moving up the date.

What products will debut at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024?

If past product announcements are any indication, foldable phones should be front and center at the next Unpacked. But the latest Galaxy Z Fold and Flip models likely won't be the only things that Samsung focuses on.

Galaxy Z Fold 6

Galaxy Z Fold 6 render

(Image credit: SmartPrix)

Samsung is almost certainly going to release a new version of its main foldable, the Galaxy Z Fold. The biggest drama heading into Unpacked is just how many Fold models there might be.

But before we dive into that question, let's address the most likely Galaxy Z Fold 6 changes. The new foldable will almost certainly sport a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, reaping the performance and power-saving rewards that chipset has demonstrated with other best Android phones, including the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Like that phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 may include a titanium frame with a thinner design.

Past Folds have taken knocks for the orientation of their cover display, which is tall, narrow and difficult to use one-handed. Rumors tip the Z Fold 6 to have a more square-like aspect ratio, much like the OnePlus Open, our current pick for the best foldable phone. Cameras aren't expected to see many hardware changes, though Samsung's Galaxy AI push may deliver AI-powered photo editing features.

As for additional models, there's been talk of a Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra that may adopt a 200MP camera while adding a built-in S Pen slot among other features. (For what it's worth, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra isn't on a list of likely upcoming Samsung products posted by the usually reliable leaker Evan Blass.) Samsung appears to be much closer to coming out with a Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE, which would be a less expensive version of Samsung's $1,799 foldable. However, another report claims that Samsung is backing off Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE plans over concerns about how thin it can make the phone and whethere there would be enough differentiation from the main model.

Galaxy Z Flip 6

Galaxy Z Flip 6 2nd render

(Image credit: SmartPrix & @OnLeaks)

Wherever a new Galaxy Z Fold model shows up, a Galaxy Z Flip is almost certain to follow. At Galaxy Unpacked 2024, that could mean the Galaxy Z Flip 6 gets some time in the spotlight, as Samsung shows off its latest flip phone-style foldable.

While early renders suggest the same general design as its predecessors, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 looks a little thicker, possibly to house a bigger battery. (Battery life has been consistently below average for Flip models.) We could also see the phone's main camera sensor get a boost from 12MP to 50MP as Samsung looks to improve the Flip's reputation as a camera phone. And like the Galaxy Z Fold 6, a switch to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset seems almost inevitable.

Last year's big Galaxy Z Flip 5 change involved expanding the phone's outer display to 3.4 inches. One rumor tips the Galaxy X Flip 6 to have a 3.9-inch cover display, which will allow you to do more without having to flip open the phone.

Galaxy Ring

Samsung Galaxy Ring

(Image credit: Future)

January's Galaxy Unpacked event ended with a tease of the Galaxy Ring, Samsung's attempt to take on the Oura Ring and other ring-based fitness trackers. Samsung has yet to announce a release date for the ring or detail its features, but the Unpacked event this summer feels like the perfect opportunity to close the loop.

Samsung has shown off the ring at subsequent trade shows, so we know there will be nine sizes and three colors to choose fron when selecting your 3-gram wearable. Rumor features include health monitoring capabilities such as an ECG sensor, sleep tracking tools and a way to measure blood flow. You can expect smart features for controlling other Samsung devices, too.

Another missing piece of the Galaxy Ring puzzle could be filled at Galaxy Unpacked in the summer. Samsung could finally tell us how much we're supposed to pay for a Galaxy Ring. (We're guessing it's around $300.)

Galaxy Watch 7

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 in different colourways

(Image credit: Samsung)

Past summer Unpacked events have seen Samsung smartwatches accompany foldable phones to the spotlight, and that's likely to continue this time around. We're already hearing talk of a July announcement for the Galaxy Watch 7, which figures to be faster and longer-lasting than its predecessor.

On the speed front, rumors tip the Galaxy Watch 7 models to use an Exynos W940 chipset, delivering better performance and greater power efficiency that will let Samsung's watch last longer on a charge. Sleep apnea detection leads the list of possible feature additions, and you can bet that the watch will work with the Galaxy Ring.

Samsung is allegedly looking at a square design for the Galaxy Watch 7, after favoring a rounded look for past models. It's possible that Samsung will offer a mix of looks with the square design reserved for the rumored Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra, a more powerful version of Samsung's watch with the rumored ability to measure blood sugar levels. Samsung has essentially confirmed that an Ultra is in the works, though its exact features and price remain unknown.

Galaxy Book 4 Edge and Galaxy Book 4 Edge Pro

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Ultra

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

We've already gotten a look at the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra and Galaxy Book 4 360 earlier this year, but that may not be it on the laptop front for Samsung. There's also talk of a Galaxy Book 4 Edge release, with that model likely to run on the Snapdragon X Elite chipset, notable for its promise of delivering 2x faster CPU performance at one-third of the power compared to rival silicon.

Regulatory filings indicate that 14- and 16-inch versions of the Galaxy Book 4 Edge are in development, and we could get a glimpse of them during the next Unpacked. (Blass did include the laptops in his list of upcoming Samsung products, for what it's worth.)

Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds Pro 3

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 in white on display at Unpacked event

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

It's been a while since we've seen new earbuds from Samsung — the Galaxy Buds 2 have been around since 2021 while the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 came out in 2023. Rumors about either set of earbuds aren't exactly simmering the way that Samsung's foldables, smartwatches and ring have gotten a lot of buzz, but that could just reflect the nature of these audio accessories.

With Samsung's push for Galaxy AI features, you'd hope to see something similar in terms of audio features for future earbuds. Failing that, expect the usual round of audio quality and battery improvements should new Galaxy Buds finally arrive this summer.

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