Samsung Galaxy Ring leak reveals key health-tracking features — what you need to know

Samsung Galaxy Ring
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Update: July 10
- You can now preorder the Samsung Galaxy Ring, and these are the Ring's three health features we're most excited for.
- We got hands-on time with the Galaxy Ring at Unpacked 2024 — here's our initial thoughts

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is rumored to make an appearance at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10. While we’ve physically seen the smart ring before, we still haven’t much about what the ring will do, how much it might cost and when it will go on sale. But this new leak could fill in the blanks ahead of the Unpacked event.

Android Authority claims to have uncovered key details about the Galaxy Ring in a new APK teardown of the Samsung Health app. So while this isn’t a full picture of what the ring could offer, knowing how the ring and app link together is pretty eye-opening.

Unsurprisingly the Galaxy Ring will reportedly be able to measure both heart rate and stress levels. Which is the bare minimum of what any health-focused wearable should be doing. On top of that it seems like the ring will be able to measure skin temperature, predict periods, and even detect snoring. 

Samsung Health app with screens related to snore tracking and stress monitoring on Galaxy Ring

(Image credit: Samsung / Android Authority)

Snore detection is already a feature on certain Galaxy Watches, and utilizes the smartwatch and your phone to figure out how much noise you’re making in your sleep.

It looks as though the Galaxy Ring will work in a similar manner, with screenshots saying that the Galaxy Ring can be used to measure snoring so long as your phone is charging nearby.

In fact all of these features can be done with a recent Galaxy Watch, and we expect the Galaxy Watch 7 will be revealed at Galaxy Unpacked as well. While it isn’t clear from Android Authority’s APK teardown, we can expect the ring to offer a little more than this — while also being slimmer and less bulky than a smartwatch.

Samsung claims that the Galaxy Watch will be able to last up to 9 days on a single charge, but that will no doubt depend on the features you use and the specific size. FCC documents revealed that there should be 3 different Galaxy Ring sizers, each offering 17 mAh, 18.5mAh and 22 mAh batteries.

It’s also been reported that the Galaxy Ring may include an ECG sensor and a sensor for “blood flow measurements”. The specifics haven’t been made clear, and so far, Samsung hasn’t been very forthcoming with more details.

Thankfully Galaxy Unpacked is happening next week, and that means we don’t have long to wait before Samsung dishes out some more information. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Galaxy Unpacked hub for a lowdown on all the devices we expect to see at the event.

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