Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra: Everything we know so far

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic on a person's wrist
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Updated May 3
- Samsung all but confirms the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra
- The Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra will likely debut in Paris on July 10
- The Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra might monitor your blood sugar levels

The likelihood of Samsung unveiling a "premium" Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra this summer alongside two other Samsung Galaxy 7 Watch models is looking more likely than ever.

A recent Samsung press release on the company's first quarter 2024 results all but spells out the Galaxy 7 Ultra's forthcoming debut (though not its official name). Plus, the publication Android Headlines also recently spotted a Galaxy Watch Ultra software build in the wild. 

So yeah, the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra is essentially a lock, which is great news for Android users.

While the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is one of the best smartwatches available —  the Classic is a personal favorite thanks to its nifty rotating bezel — a Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra could easily steal the crown, becoming our defacto top pick. That is if the Google Pixel Watch 3 doesn't do it better. 

When will we officially get to lay eyes on the potential new device, what features might it offer and what will the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra cost? 

We've been monitoring all the murmurs, leaks and rumors on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra so far, including possible health tracking tech, conceivable design choices and more. What follows is a distillation of what we know and predictions on what we don't. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra cheat sheet: Biggest rumors

  • Release date prediction: July 10, 2024 launch, August 2024 release
  • Price prediction: $449 or higher 
  • Design: A large (possibly MicroLED) screen, big battery and rugged build-quality
  • Chip prediction: May sport the new Exynos W940 processor (based on Exynos 5535) 
  • Features: Possible blood sugar monitoring, compatibility with Samsung Galaxy Ring
  • Software: Possibly Wear OS 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra: Possible price and availability

Samsung tends to hold its Galaxy Watch launch events in July with products rolling out shortly after in August. This year, we expect the brand to follow the same schedule with a possible July 10 Samsung Unpacked event.

There, we'll likely see the latest line of Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 devices debut, including the Ultra, along with the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Ring.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra will almost certainly sell for more than $449, judging by the MRSP of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Samsung's last premium smartwatch. (There was no Galaxy Watch 6 Pro.)

That said, with the Apple Watch Ultra 2 starting at $799, there's a strong possibility that Samsung's top model will see a significant price hike to put it more in line with its Cupertino rival. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra: Design

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch on a person's wrist

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Details on the physical design of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra are sparse. But we do know from recent reports that Samsung has been toying with a square smartwatch design — and “the idea is enthusiastically being considered internally.”

Could the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra be Samsung's first smartwatch model with a square screen since 2014's Galaxy Gear 2? It's certainly possible! Especially if Samsung aims to compete head-to-head with the Apple Watch Ultra series. 

Shape aside, it's safe to assume that the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra will offer greater screen real estate than its sibling devices and possibly the largest display of any Galaxy smartwatch to date. We also expect it to be larger overall than its siblings, with a larger capacity battery and more rugged design. 

There's additionally a possibility that the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra will sport a next-gen microLED screen, which is brighter, crisper, and more saturated than its OLED counterpart, not to mention, more power efficient. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra: Features

All of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 devices will presumably get an updated chipset, leading to faster processing and better power efficiency, i.e. battery life.

More specifically, according to the reliable tipster, Roland Quandt, these devices are likely to sport the new Exynos W940 processor, which is said to be 50% more efficient and 30% faster than the previous generation chipset. 

Mediocre battery life is one of our biggest complaints about the Galaxy Watch 6 series and any improvements in this department would be welcomed with arms wide open. These new devices may also be the first smartwatches to run the new Wear OS 5, which is based on Android 14, according to 9to5Google.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Classic on a person's wrist

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On the health side of things, the introduction of sleep apnea detection on the next-gen Galaxy Watches has all but been confirmed via a Samsung press release published earlier this year. Not yet confirmed: a blood sugar monitoring feature. But boy, would it be a major breakthrough.

Samsung has long talked about including this tech in one of its products. And according to the Korean language publication, Pulse, it could potentially arrive in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series based on quotes in a recent Samsung press release.

But take this rumor with an enormous grain of salt because non-invasive, wrist-based blood sugar monitoring is something of a holy grail for smartwatch manufacturers.

And if/when blood-sugar monitoring does debut, assuming the feature is accurate, the tech could be life-changing for the diabetic community, replacing or supplementing disposable monitors. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra: Compatibility with Samsung Galaxy Ring

The Oura Ring on a mount

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With the Samsung Galaxy Ring set to launch at the same time as the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra, we fully expect the two devices to be compatible with one another right out of the gate. 

What will this look like? For one, the Samsung Galaxy Ring will likely supplement the health and fitness monitoring data of the watch, which could lead to better accuracy and greater holistic insights for users.

A report in ETNews suggests that the Galaxy Ring might even be able to monitor blood flood and blood oxygen saturation, along with performing ECGs. Samsung has also hinted that its forthcoming smart ring will be able to control other Galaxy devices including, presumably, the new crop of Galaxy 7 Watches. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra: Outlook

Ultimately, the debut of a truly premium, modern Samsung Galaxy 7 Ultra smartwatch this summer has the potential to shake up the smartwatch market big time, especially if it can compete with the Apple Watch Ultra series. 

Will the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra's possible larger/brighter screen, improved battery life, new health tech and compatibility with the Galaxy Ring be enough to prompt Galaxy Watch 6 owners to upgrade and/or attract Pixel 2 Watch users over to the Samsung camp? We should find out soon. 

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  • emike09
    Better battery life is all I really need to see on a new Galaxy Watch. Still rocking my Watch 3 since it has incredible battery life compared to any of the newer models. I attribute this to the Tizen OS. I wish they would move back to that, but it really needed more development behind it. Wear OS is the better OS, but not near as efficient as Tizen.

    I get a good 4 days of life on my Galaxy Watch 3. 7-8 days with power save mode enabled. The watch 6 is reported to get 12 hours to 1.5 days, depending on how it's used. Absolutely terrible. Some of us can't be tied to a proprietary charger every day.

    Bring back week long battery!