How to get free Backblaze cloud backup with ExpressVPN's exclusive deal

ExpressVPN and Backblaze on a mobile device and a laptop
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We rate ExpressVPN as the best VPN on the market today thanks to its spectacular streaming unblocking, powerful privacy features and super-simple operation on just about any device and operating system. 

However, ExpressVPN also offers a promotion which adds huge value to your subscription. That comes in the form of a free 1-year unlimited storage plan with leading cloud backup provider Backblaze, which would usually set you back a hefty $70. Plus, you'll also get three free months added on to your ExpressVPN plan. 

Get Backblaze cloud backup for free now with ExpressVPN

It’s not quite as simple as just heading to the ExpressVPN website and claiming your freebie, though, so here we’re going to run down exactly what you need to do to get your free year of cloud storage. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated – you’ll be done in minutes!

How to claim the ExpressVPN Backblaze deal

If you head straight to ExpressVPN from a search engine or by typing the URL, you won’t find any mention of Backblaze on the website. To get access to this VPN deal, you have to follow a special link.

That’s down to the fact that Backblaze is bundled with ExpressVPN’s exclusive three months free deal, and by heading through from Tom’s Guide, you can bag both the discount and the freebie.

ExpressVPN – save 49% + 12 months FREE cloud backup

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">ExpressVPN – save 49% + 12 months FREE cloud backup
If you want a bargain on the #1 VPN available today, this ExpressVPN deal is the perfect opportunity. ExpressVPN offers Tom's Guide readers 3 months extra FREE, which works out at a saving of 49%, and you'll also get a year of Backblaze backup to make the full security package. 

Why use cloud backup?

You might be wondering why you’d want Backblaze cloud backup in the first place. 

Compared to storing your files on an external hard drive, using a cloud backup service allows you to access your backups from anywhere, eliminates any risk of your HDD or SSD getting damaged or lost, and most importantly, you can use as much disk space as you need.

So, if you’ve got terabytes of data needing a home, it’s the perfect solution. Plus, if you’re working with giant files like video or audio projects, Backblaze in particular is an attractive option due to the fact that the provider doesn’t limit the size of the files you want to upload.

The trend towards cloud-first storage of files is well and truly upon us, and while many people still use remote storage for their backups, online solutions are becoming simpler to use, and incredibly reliable. Businesses and individuals alike are rapidly making the switch, so if we're honest, it's only a matter of time until it's the norm.

Are there any alternatives?

ExpressVPN isn’t alone when it comes to bundling VPN with cloud backup and storage. IPVanish and StrongVPN have long been partnered with backup provider SugarSync, but in terms of usability of the VPN itself we’d recommend going with ExpressVPN every time.

Giving Express a better run for its money is NordVPN and its in-house NordLocker cloud storage service, which is part of the wider Nord suite of cyber services. However, you have to buy the two products separately, and at $7.99 a month for just 2TB, NordLocker is expensive, has limited storage capacity, and doesn’t offer dedicated cloud backup features. 

So, if you’re in need of a VPN and you want to test the waters for free with a cloud backup provider, this ExpressVPN and Backblaze combo deal ticks all the right boxes.

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