DreamCloud vs Nectar: Which boxed mattress best suits your sleep?

DreamCloud vs Nectar mattress: image shows the Nectar mattress on the right and the DreamCloud on the left
(Image credit: DreamCloud, Nectar Sleep)

When it comes to popular boxed mattresses, there’s no closer fight than DreamCloud vs Nectar. Both manufacturers make excellent value memory foam and hybrid models, and both sit highly in our best mattress guide. So how do you pick between them? Well, that’s where our in-depth comparison comes in… 

Here we are looking specifically at the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid and the Nectar Memory Foam, comparing each in terms of price, design and materials. Our DreamCloud vs Nectar comparison also looks at user reviews for both mattresses, along with factoring in our own testing experience, to help you make an informed choice about which one is right for your sleep needs.

Let’s take a look at both of these popular mattresses in a box, as well as the latest savings on these and similar sleep brands. When you finally decide which brand is right for you, be sure to take a look at our Nectar mattress deals or DreamCloud mattress sales page to see if we can save you a little extra on the cost of your order.

DreamCloud vs Nectar: At a glance

The DreamCloud - best for:

  • Those needing good back support
  • Restless sleepers
  • Back and stomach sleepers

The Nectar - best for:

  • Side and back sleepers
  • People who love to be cradled
  • Hot sleepers needing cool beds

Nectar is one of the most high profile mattress manufacturers in the US and UK and is known for its 365-night trial and Lifetime Warranty. DreamCloud offers the same and that’s because both brands are owned by the same parent company: Resident Home.

DreamCloud vs Nectar: Image shows the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

(Image credit: Nectar Sleep)

Nectar makes three mattresses in the US and two in the UK. As we explain in our Nectar Memory Foam Mattress review, the US version has a different spec to the UK model. The DreamCloud is deeper and firmer, and we loved sleeping on it when compiling our DreamCloud mattress review. It was the same when testing its older sibling for our DreamCloud Premier Hybrid mattress review.

Both brands make other breathable hybrids, while Nectar has one of the best cooling mattresses in the form of the Premier Copper hybrid (read our Nectar Premier Copper mattress review for more), as well as a mid-tier model (head to our Nectar Premier Hybrid mattress review to learn about that one). 

But our DreamCloud vs Nectar comparison focuses on two distinct models: the Nectar Memory Foam and the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid. The RRP of the all-foam Nectar undercuts the DreamCloud, coming in at $798. It’s even cheaper in the Nectar mattress sale, with a queen size costing $799 (RRP $1,298).

The DreamCloud is slightly more expensive, but we’d expect this considering it uses more materials, including coils. The RRP starts from $1,198, but in the DreamCloud mattress sale a queen size costs $999 (was $1,598). You can also lower the cost with one of our DreamCloud coupons

Both brands offer free shipping within the US, and there is an additional paid-for White Glove delivery service including removal of your old mattress (see our guide on how to dispose of a mattress). DreamCloud and Nectar each offer market-leading 365-night mattress trials plus a Lifetime warranty.

DreamCloud vs Nectar: Side by side

The DreamCloud

  • RRP: From $1,199 to $1,798
  • Type: Hybrid bed-in-a-box
  • Best for: Hot sleepers; couples; restless sleepers
  • Firmness: Luxury firm (6.5)
  • Sleep trial: 365 nights
  • Warranty: Forever
  • Standout features: Cooling gel memory foam; minimal motion transfer
  • Materials: Cashmere blend, gel memory foam, memory foam, coils, Stay-Put foam
  • Depth: 14 inches
  • Weight: 50-107lbs
  • Sizes: Twin to Cal king

The Nectar

  • RRP: From $798 to $1,598
  • Type: Memory foam bed-in-a-box
  • Best for: All sleepers; lighter bodies
  • Firmness: Medium firm (6)
  • Sleep trial: 365 nights
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Standout features: Breathable cover and good airflow; good pressure relief; medium-firm feel (suits most sleepers) 
  • Materials: Poly-blend cover, supportive foam, adaptive response transition foam, gel memory foam
  • Depth: 12 inches
  • Weight: 40-84lbs
  • Sizes: Twin to Split Cal king

DreamCloud vs Nectar: Prices, trial, shipping

  • DreamCloud and Nectar each offer 365-night mattress trials
  • Both brands offer free shipping and returns within the US
  • Both mattresses come with up to $399 of free bedding

While the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid has a higher starting price than the Nectar Memory Foam, it’s worth remembering that this is down to its construction and premium materials. 

DreamCloud vs Nectar mattress: Image shows the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

As we explain in our memory foam vs hybrid mattress comparison, hybrids are more expensive because they use more materials. However with a starting price of $699 when on sale, the cost of the DreamCloud is competitive. The larger sizes are where the DreamCloud comes into its own: the Cal King’s sale price is $1,199, which is only $100 more than Nectar in the same size.

When you pit the DreamCloud against other luxury hybrids, it’s hard to beat on price. Marking itself out further, the brand offers $200 off plus up to $399 of free bedding. DreamCloud have also been known to host 50% off flash sales, reducing a twin size DreamCloud Memory Foam to just $349.

Nectar sits at the top of our best memory foam mattress guide and starts at $499 when on sale. Like DreamCloud, Nectar offers money off and free gifts, but the cash discount is smaller at $100. The free bedding is the same - worth up to $399. Considering you can get a queen size for $799 and $399 of free bedding, compared to $999 for the DreamCloud, Nectar has the price factor licked for the popular sizes.

Both brands also offer 365-night sleep trials, meaning you can experience each through every season to get an extensive feel for it, and also come with a Lifetime/Forever warranty, adding to their already excellent value.

DreamCloud vs Nectar winner: The affordability of the DreamCloud in the larger sizes is impressive, especially when you consider it’s made using more materials. However the Nectar priced at $799 for a queen size and with $399 of free bedding is exceptional value for money. It’s super-close, but we’re going with Nectar here.

DreamCloud vs Nectar: Build and materials

  • The DreamCloud is a hybrid so its made of foam and coils
  • The Nectar is a memory foam mattress with cooling gel
  • Both beds-in-a-box have five unique layers

These are two well-built mattresses made using high-quality materials that are not only eco-friendly but designed to last. The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is constructed with five layers, starting with an essential foam base layer and responsive pocketed innerspring coils on top. Over this is a ‘Sink-In-Just-Right’ foam layer that offers support at the core.

If you’re looking for pressure relief, then the next layer up features gel memory foam that conforms to your body and provides cooling. There’s also a soft quilted cover featuring a luxury foam and cashmere blend. That’s made even better with high-quality materials including CertiPUR-US certified foam that’s guaranteed to be non-harmful to human health.

DreamCloud vs Nectar mattress: The DreamCloud Mattress pictured on a light wooden bed frame in a room with red drapes

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

The Nectar Memory Foam is also built in layers, but features foam only (so no coils) with a 7-inch stay-stable base layer, under a 2-inch dynamic support layer. On top of this is 3 inches of Nectar gel memory foam for cooling and contouring. 

There’s also great pressure relief here, rivalling the DreamCloud. On top you’ll find another soft quilted cover that is cool and breathable. The Nectar also features CertiPUR-US certified foam. Don't forget to cover them with a good mattress protector to safeguard against spills and stains.

DreamCloud vs Nectar winner: Because the build of these two mattresses is very different, it’s not easy to directly compare them, so we’re declaring this one a draw. Each delivers when it comes to toxin-free hypoallergenic materials, and Nectar also has 100% carbon-neutral status, offsetting carbon by supporting projects in the US and Amazon rainforest.

DreamCloud vs Nectar: Support and comfort

  • The DreamCloud offers more back support
  • The Nectar suits all sleeping positions
  • The DreamCloud is slightly firmer than the Nectar

Both DreamCloud and Nectar place a firm focus on support and comfort across all their mattresses, which includes the Premier and Premier Rest for DreamCloud, and the Premier and Premier Copper for Nectar.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid has a 6.5 out of 10 firmness rating designed to suit most sleep styles and body weights, balancing firm support balanced with soft coziness. The mattress’s ‘stay-put’ tech ensures minimal motion transfer, with the hybrid layer of coils aiding stability and pressure relief for co-sleepers.

The hybrid also offers extra sleep comfort and temperature control via cooling gel memory foam, making it an excellent choice if you sleep hot. Plus, the coil layer adds plenty of airflow up through the various layers and cooling cover.

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress shown on a light wooden bed frame and dressed with white pillows and a comforter

(Image credit: Nectar Sleep)

As an all-foam mattress, the Nectar has no coils, but what it lacks in springiness it makes up for in full body support, with the distinctly different foam layers each bringing something unique to help you feel rested.

Much like the DreamCloud, there’s plenty of balance in the Nectar Memory Foam, with excellent contouring and support, plus a noticeable softness that provides comfort without you sinking in too much. There’s no danger of over-heating either, with the Nectar using cooling gel layers to dissipate heat.

DreamCloud vs Nectar winner: Both mattresses have a firmness rating of 6.5. While the DreamCloud has a slightly different feel owing to the spring layer, both models are airy and supportive, with great pressure-relief. If you are heavier you might find the Nectar a little too soft, but apart from that we declare another draw. We did say this was a very closely fought contest.

DreamCloud vs Nectar: User reviews

  • Both mattresses are rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Both have been praised for high comfort and breathability
  • Both face criticism for being firmer than expected

 On the DreamCloud website there are approaching 7,000 reviews for the Luxury Hybrid, and with an overall star rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, the feedback is mostly positive. Comments include: “The DreamCloud mattress is wonderful… no matter which position I sleep in,” and “I read the great reviews online so was fairly confident in our purchase, but it’s even better than we expected.”

Negative reviews centre around the hybrid being too soft for some customers, while a few commented on how heavy the larger sizes were. Feedback included: “This mattress was too soft for me, but clearly what you sleep on is personal preference. One thing I will say is that delivery and pickup was really easy and the customer service was good.”

Over on Nectar’s website there is similar praise, with 41,000 reviews and an average star rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Comments include: “I enjoy the firmness of this mattress, it contours to you great and you don't sink in. An awesome night’s sleep,” and “Why did we wait so long to get rid of our old spring beds and upgrade to a modern bed! It is so much better. Love it!”

A golden retriever dog lies on top of the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

Negative reviews again focus on firmness, but this time with customers complaining that the Nectar is too firm, with comments such as, “I had no issues with the purchase or return experience, but the mattress was just too firm for me. Excellent service by Nectar though.” 

To back up the comment about excellent customer service, when analyzing user reviews we could see that Nectar were quick to reply to all comments asking for acknowledgement or assistance.

DreamCloud vs Nectar winner: While both had a user rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, this one goes to Nectar. Based not just on the sheer volume of customer reviews but also on the high level of praise for the different factors that we ourselves test mattresses on, Nectar triumphs for customer feedback and satisfaction.

DreamCloud vs Nectar: Which should you buy?

  • The Nectar suits all sleepers but especially back and side sleepers
  • The DreamCloud is excellent for couples and restless sleepers
  • Choose Nectar for body cradling, or the DreamCloud for firmer support

When it comes to the convenience of boxed beds, DreamCloud and Nectar show that whether you’re after a hybrid or a memory foam bed, it’s never been easier (or more affordable) to get a superb mattress delivered straight to your door. Each brand also makes a range of bedding accessories, including duvets, bed sheets, weighted blankets and down alternative comforters, and we've got discount for each available on our Nectar promo codes and DreamCloud coupons pages.

The two mattresses have similar comfort and cooling properties, but Nectar is a touch softer and better suited for lighter body weights or if you sleep on your back or side – it’s one of our top picks for the best mattress for side sleepers – though our testers loved it in most sleep positions.

We recommend the Nectar Memory Foam if you sleep hot and want a breathable bed to support and lightly cradle you in all sleep positions, but especially side and back snoozing. We wouldn’t recommend it if you have a much heavier body weight as it might be too soft to support you.

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress shown with a white comforter in a bedroom with yellow drapes

(Image credit: Nectar Sleep)

The DreamCloud offers great support for heavier sleepers, back sleepers, and for couples who need to quickly isolate motion so that they don’t disturb each other in bed. This is a well-made hybrid stuffed with high quality materials designed to keep you cooler during sleep.

We recommend the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid if you want excellent back support, superb motion isolation and cooling. We wouldn’t recommend it if you want a softer bed and would instead direct you to the Nectar. For an alternative luxury hybrid innerspring in your choice of firmness levels, read our Saatva Classic mattress review (see our guide to the latest Saatva mattress deals).

There is also the question of price and the Nectar is undoubtedly cheaper, especially with up to $399 of free gifts, making it a good option for a guest room use too. But if you are after a high-quality hybrid in a larger size, and you want free premium bedding, then the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is the one to get.

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