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Davina Franks

Davina Franks

Davina Franks is a freelance mattress reviewer and sleep writer for Tom's Guide, with published mattress and sleep content on other key Future sites too, including TechRadar and T3. Davina has slept on a range of mattresses for work, including memory foam and hybrid models, putting them to the test to see just how comfy and supportive they are — and crucially, whether they are worth your money. While Davina tests a wide range of mattresses, she loves a good memory foam one: "I just like that cosy feeling of being hugged during sleep." 

Davina has also written a series of in-depth mattress comparison articles for Tom's Guide, exploring the pros and cons of popular US and UK mattresses to help you find the right one for your sleep needs. She has also produced a guide to mattress sizes and why they matter, plus guidance on how to look after your new mattress once you get it home. Have a burning desire to know the major differences between a memory foam and a hybrid mattress? Want to know whether Saatva is a better luxury natural sleep brand than Avocado Green? Davina can help.

When it comes to writing about sleep, Davina loves nothing more than testing the latest sleep hack or method to see if they work or whether they are pure hype. "I love the 4 7 8 Sleep Method and use it to not only help me drop off faster, but to calm down if I'm feeling stressed during the day," Davina says. You can read her various articles on sleep on Tom's Guide, from her piece on busting major sleep myths to how the 10-3-2-1-0 sleep rule works. 

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