Bionic Eye Implant is World's Smallest Computer

Going bionic is usually depicted in media as haphazardly attaching an unwieldy piece of cyberpunk technology to your squishy bits. That might not be where the real world is headed, as University of Michigan researchers have come up with what's possibly the smallest computer ever built.

The device measures one cubic millimeter, and already includes a processor, memory, battery, a solar cell for charging and a wireless transmitter. At its core is a third-generation Phoenix chip, the university's patented microprocessor, which boasts ultra-low power consumption, eating up only 5.3 nanowatts during its monitoring cycles.

While this little computer was developed as a monitoring implant for glaucoma patients, Professor David Blaauw hopes that their latest invention will be a stepping stone to even smaller systems that can be made on the cheap. Perhaps the Bionic Man won't cost six million dollars to make after all.

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